Cameron: UK unchanged on EU treaty stance

27 January 2012

Cameron: UK unchanged on EU treaty stance
David William Donald Cameron - Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
David Cameron is not planning to change the UK's negative stance on a new European Union (EU) treaty, he has revealed.

Last month, the British prime minister was the only one of the 27 EU leaders to not sign up for a new set of regulations that had been designed to prevent a repeat of the current eurozone debt crisis by aligning the economies of member states more closely.

Mr Cameron rejected this treaty on the basis that it would not have been in the best interests of the UK and, during an interview with CNN at the World Economic Forum in Davos, he has said nothing has changed his opinion since this decision.

"We asked for safeguards, we asked for conditions particularly around the single market and financial services ... we haven't got those safeguards, so they can't have a treaty inside the EU," the leader stated.

Recently, Germany and France also called for changes to be made to global banking capital regulations.

By Tony Aynsley
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