XSP Named as a Semi-Finalist in the 2011 Constellation SuperNova Awards

Birmingham, AL - 20 September 2011

CTO Daniel E. Retzer Achieves Protostar Status.

XSP, the global leader in automated end-to-end Corporate Actions solutions, today announced that Daniel E. Retzer, Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer at XSP, has been named a Protostar for the 2011 Constellation SuperNova Award. An all-star cast of judges identified individuals and teams who embody the human spirit to innovate, overcome adversity, and successfully deliver market-changing approaches. SuperNovas cover five categories: social business, mobile enterprise, cloud computing, advanced analytics, and emerging technologies.

Submissions were subjected to a vigorous set of criteria that reflect real-world and pragmatic experience on six categories:

1. Building the business case for exec sponsorship - How did you overcome internal adversity for the project? What was used to build the case for buy – in among the executive? How did you fund the project?

2. Applying change management critical success factors - What communication channels did you face? How did the organization gain acceptance for new approaches? What worked? What didn’t work? What were your key lessons learned?

3. Deploying innovative uses of emerging and disruptive technology – How did you determine which technology was feasible? Why did you choose the vendor or approach you chose for this technology? How did IT and the business cooperate to apply new technologies?

4. Measuring the metrics that matter – What metrics drove the business case? Why were these metrics chosen to measure the impact of the technology? How did you measure success with those technologies?

5. Assessing the impact of innovation – What was the impact to stakeholders (internal and external)? What was the impact to the business? What was the impact on the competitive landscape?

6. Coolness factor for the story - How well was the story told? Is this story usable for a panel on best practices? Was this truly game changing or disruptive? Can others learn and apply the lessons told?

XSP was named as a semi-finalist in Cloud Computing. XSP migrated its data center into a Cloud environment by partnering with Tier 3, an enterprise grade Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider. This initiative included the entire production/build floor consisting of its source code repository; build tools (Cruise Control/SVN/Tortoise) and SCM systems. The migration also included the XSP labs (Windows Server/SQL Server), document repository and mission-critical file servers.

R “Ray” Wang, Principal Analyst and CEO at Constellation Research, said “Mr. Retzer and XSP demonstrated a unique balance across all six criteria used to judge over 70 submissions this year. The judges deeply regarded each of the outstanding submissions. Mr. Retzer and XSP’s story resonated with the judge’s panel because of the deep impact Cloud Computing has had on the business."

Daniel E. Retzer, Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer at XSP, said “I am honored to have been selected as a Protostar for the 2011 Constellation SuperNova Award. XSP encourages its employees at all levels to explore their entrepreneurial skills. My journey began when I decided that the next best move for our business would be into the Cloud. Moving our infrastructure to the Cloud has given XSP a tremendous competitive advantage, from both an internal operations and client servicing perspective. XSP requires a virtual infrastructure that allows us optimal flexibility for reaching our business goals and providing better service to our customers. Tier 3 was the only player in the space that offered a pure “Platform as a Service” cloud approach to infrastructure virtualization. We chose Tier 3 because they had the optimal blend of agility and scalability that we were looking for. It wasn’t just about picking a partner to rent us hardware or offer to manage it – we needed someone as forward-thinking as ourselves to help our business grow.”

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