Advent Tamale RMS® 6.0 Puts Investment Research within Reach

London - 13 September 2011

Enhanced Automation, Integration, User Experience and Mobile Apps Connect Investment Professionals to Critical Investment Data.

Advent Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADVS), a leading provider of software and services for the global investment management industry, today unveiled Tamale RMS® 6.0. Tamale RMS® 6.0 includes new tools to help investment firms automate the process of capturing, distributing and searching for investment research data. Simplified, intuitive navigation and enhanced mobile access ensure investment professionals have access to real-time data and research information they need, from the desktop and from the road.

High performing investment managers know that high quality research leads to well-informed investment decisions and better returns for investors. Yet, many firms are encumbered by inefficiencies that hinder their ability to collect, share, access and prioritize the large volume of data investment analysts work tirelessly to produce. Tamale RMS® is the industry’s first research management solution and provides the investment management industry with a comprehensive solution that brings automation and efficiency to the investment research process. Tamale RMS® helps investment professionals remain focused on investment decision making, instead of spending valuable time cataloging and searching for data.

“The volume of information investment managers must consider in order to make critical decisions can be daunting. Their clients count on them to make the most well informed decisions possible, often in very short time-frames,” said Ken Jacobson, Vice President and General Manager, Tamale at Advent Software. “Traditional methods of collecting, saving and sharing research data are no longer enough in today’s dynamic economic climate. With Tamale RMS® 6.0, we have made strides toward making it as easy as possible for firms to capture information from internal and external sources, share information across an organization and access the information they need easily and when and where they need it.”

Tamale RMS® 6.0 will be available in the fourth quarter of 2011 and brings even more power, usability and accessibility to the investment research process.

Tamale RMS® 6.0 helps investment professionals capture, distribute and prioritize research information:

• Automated email processing provides an intuitive, fast and flexible solution to the tedious task of reviewing and organizing email inboxes. Firms can set individual, team or firm level preferences to auto-categorize and auto-deposit email directly to the firm’s research database or to a temporary holding tank for further review.

• Enhanced data integration seamlessly brings together proprietary research and market data such as Bloomberg, Factset and CapitalIQ in a format optimized for decision-making.

• Smart notifications promote more efficient collaboration by enabling users to easily set rules regarding the distribution of and subscription to alerts about research including the topics, sources and companies that are relevant to them.

• Enhanced filtering helps investment professionals quickly pinpoint the information they need without reducing access to research data.

• Built in SQL Server integration allows users to build reports to their firm’s – or their own – specifications to easily create, edit, and publish reports.

Enhanced user experience, integration with popular mobile applications and support for a variety of mobile devices within Tamale RMS® 6.0 brings critical research to investment managers’ fingertips:

• Configurable workflow enhancements enable firms to easily incorporate consistency and efficiencies in the research process within their established workflows and processes.

• Enhanced iPad native application and HTML5 apps deliver critical investment research quickly and efficiently on multiple mobile devices. New iPad access enables:

o Easy to access, review and navigate the latest research and models

o Real-time, two-way data and information sharing between the office and colleagues on the road

o Ability to download and review attachments including MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint and Adobe PDF files

• Microsoft OneNote Integration enables investment professionals to work from anywhere and to gather notes (handwritten or typed), drawings, and audio commentaries and share them with other users

• User-centric navigation makes Tamale RMS® more intuitive and easy to use

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