StormMQ partners with Kaazing to deliver real-time, massively scalable, cloud-based Apps over the Web

Mountain View, California - 7 February 2011

Kaazing, the leading innovator in HTML5 WebSocket technology, today announced that it has partnered with enterprise-class message queuing platform company StormMQ. StormMQ is integrating Kaazing’s WebSocket Gateway technology with its cloud-based messaging services to give businesses the ability to deploy sophisticated, real-time and massively scalable applications to any end-device.

A subscription-based message queuing platform adhering to AMQP, the open standard for messaging middleware, StormMQ offers Managed Services as a cost-efficient alternative to proprietary, open source and in-house message queuing solutions. As StormMQ’s full-duplex web communications backbone, Kaazing WebSocket Gateway technology bypasses artificial performance limits that exist between legacy server infrastructure and web browsers. The resulting elimination of workarounds, plug-ins and gluecode frees developers to more cost-effectively meet the demands of a modern web accessed by billions of devices.

“As more organizations begin to build and deploy truly real-time Web applications, we knew it was important for us to partner with a company that understands the scalability, availability and low-latency requirements of the next generation Web-based business applications,” said Raphael Cohn, Managing Director, StormMQ. “Our integration with Kaazing combines our cloud-based message queuing technology with the first enterprise-class WebSocket offering, enabling us to reach users on a global scale, without worrying about service degradation or reliability issues.”

“We’re seeing a growing number of companies evaluating both WebSocket technology and cloud-based middleware solutions in order to rapidly reach large numbers of customers at a reasonable cost,” said Manuel Hoffmann, VP Business Development, Kaazing. “Our partnership with StormMQ provides an ideal solution for any organization that needs to deliver real-time information to any Web-enabled devices seamlessly, reliably and securely, with the assurance the solution can grow with increased demand”

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