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Nomura ponders Asian acquisitions

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Nomura ponders Asian acquisitions
Nomura may choose to take advantage of the improving market conditions for investment banking in Asia by looking for acquisition opportunities.

Press speculation in recent days has seen the Japanese bank linked with a major investment in a Chinese fund management business.

Nomura has refused to comment on the rumors, but Koichi Katakawa, head of its German operation, told Reuters that an acquisition is a real possibility.

"In Asia, there is a chance we are able to do it. In Japan, it's certainly not necessary as we are the market leader," he explained.

Mr Katakawa added that he expects 2010 to be a good year for the investment banking sector in Asia, as demand for advisors is likely to be high because of the number of Japanese and Chinese companies looking to make major acquisitions.

Earlier this week, Nomura appointed Colin Banfield and Patrick Schmitz-Morkramer as joint heads of investment banking in Asia, excluding Japan.

The pair replaced Glenn Schiffman, who has become head of Nomura's investment banking operation in the Americas.

By Tony Aynsley

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