New Anti-Money Laundering Tool from Dow Jones Applies Birth Information to All Senior PEPs to Reduce Cost of Client Screening

New York - 7 April 2010

Dow Jones Applies New Statistics Formula to Provide Birth Information for All Senior PEPs; Helps Increase Efficiency & Cut Compliance Costs by Automatically Reducing Screening Hits

A new statistics formula from Dow Jones, the Dow Jones Exclusion Rule, applies year of birth information to all senior Politically Exposed Persons to automatically reduce hits in client screening.

“Financial institutions’ fight against financial crime can be difficult and costly, particularly when client screening results in a long list of name matches,” said Rupert de Ruig, managing director of Risk & Compliance at Dow Jones. “By allowing financial institutions to automatically remove irrelevant name matches using birth information, Dow Jones is dramatically increasing compliance professionals’ efficiency and effectiveness.”

The Dow Jones Exclusion Rule is a statistics formula that determines a typical age range for PEP categories based on known birth date and job role details from Dow Jones’ PEP database. When a PEP’s date of birth is not available, compliance professionals can opt to use the Dow Jones Exclusion Rule in automated client screening or in manual investigations to identify those who fall outside of the typical age range.

“The Dow Jones Exclusion Rule works by using our extensive date of birth information and clearly defined job roles categories to determine precise age ranges for each job role,” said de Ruig. “By applying the typical age range to a list of name matches, compliance professionals can safely eliminate matches where a customer’s date of birth falls outside of the typical dates provided for a PEP category.”

The Dow Jones Exclusion Rule is now available exclusively to Dow Jones Anti-Corruption and Dow Jones Watchlist customers.

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