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Barrie & Hibbert Announces New Head of Product Risk

29 January 2009

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Barrie & Hibbert, a global leader in financial market risk modelling, has announced that Phil Mowbray has been appointed to the position of Head of Product Risk.

Recognising the challenges the UK financial services industry faces in addressing long-term savings and retirement income needs, Barrie & Hibbert has developed a suite of products and associated services to guide clients through the complexity of design and ongoing maintenance of a broad range of products.

Barrie & Hibbert’s Product Risk Services have been designed to match the key processes of financial services companies, providing objective and independent solutions into decision-making on key elements such as pricing, product design, risk analysis, marketing messages and adherence to Treating Customers Fairly regulation.

Phil Mowbray moves from his position as Senior Consultant within Barrie & Hibbert, to the newly created post of Head of Product Risk. “We launched our new Product Risk Services last year, and are constantly evolving our products to suit our customers” says Phil. “A lot of our clients are adapting to the new Treating Customers Fairly regulation, and we will be working with them to design and clearly communicate the benefits of ever more complex products, which will tackle challenges such as the long-term savings and retirement income needs of their target customers. We are offering a service that’s invaluable to many companies. I look forward to supporting and guiding our clients through this changing environment.”

Andy Frepp, Corporate Development Director for Barrie & Hibbert comments: “Our services enable Barrie & Hibbert’s clients to understand, manage and communicate product risk in the development and distribution of retail financial services products. This service further demonstrates our commitment to this sector and provides an objective and independent framework that addresses the challenges our clients face.”

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