Eagle’s Momentum Continues to Build With the Release of Eagle V8.0

Boston – 1 May 2007

Eagle Investment Systems LLC, a Mellon Financial CompanySM, announced today the availability of Eagle V8.0, the latest release of its integrated suite of investment management and technology solutions. Eagle V8.0 includes enhancements to various aspects of automation and data generation, performance measurement capabilities and investment accounting processing.

“We are very excited about the latest release of the Eagle product suite. In addition to significant enhancements to performance measurement, accounting and data management, we are thrilled to introduce the Eagle Data Mart with V8.0. The Data Mart represents the keystone of our new information delivery architecture, which will enable users to report on information from our accounting, data management and performance solutions. The Data Mart is an integration point for reportable information, allowing clients to use third-party applications,” said Lou Maiuri, Eagle chief executive officer. “Our dedication to innovation and meaningful functionality continues to result in a steady growth of global clients.”

Eagle offers a comprehensive investment management suite with specific solutions for data management, accounting and performance measurement, in addition to fully integrated information delivery and workflow management tools.

“Eagle is committed to offering solutions that exceed the expectations of both our clients and the industry,” said John Lehner, Eagle president. “The enhanced functionality, the addition of many new features and the high quality of Eagle V8.0 all illustrate Eagle’s continued thought-leadership position in the industry.”

Data Management Highlights

The Eagle data management solution consists of a number of modules, including a reference data management workflow and consolidation tool, a core data hub/warehouse, and information delivery tools. One new development in the V8.0 release of Eagle’s data management solution is an Eagle Data Mart that enables clients to leverage the unique capabilities and power of the data management solution to generate information for access using third-party report and query tools. Eagle’s highly anticipated process manager represents the next level of easy-to-use, rules-based automation for as-of processing in data management and performance measurement workflows. It also enables users to define and monitor system events at a granular level, to view the complete layout of their daily events cycle and to report on run time and feed result statistics.
Performance Measurement Highlights

The Eagle Performance Suite consists of portfolio performance, GIPS composite management, performance attribution and mutual fund performance. With the V8.0 release, Eagle offers a performance toolkit that reduces the time and effort of implementing the solution by providing clients with a standardized configuration of end-to-end loading, calculations, attribution analysis and reporting. The increasing complexity of Eagle’s clients’ analysis requirements also led to several functional enhancements that include:

• Expanded equity attribution to support additional algorithms;
• Further streamlined support for fee schedules and carveouts; and
• Expanded mutual fund performance reporting capabilities, allowing for the display of numerous statistics related to the performance calculation.
Investment Accounting Highlights

Accounting enhancements include expanded support for new instruments developed in the evolving financial markets. With V8.0, Eagle’s accounting solution now provides robust accounting for inflation-protected securities that have been issued by several countries. Eagle’s accounting system expanded its processing of derivatives, with considerable functionality added to support credit default swaps. In addition, the Eagle accounting solution accepts vendor-provided cash flows to be used for calculating yields for amortization on fixed income positions. Corporate action and fixed income processing were also enhanced to streamline processing and improve efficiency.

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