Panopticon Releases New Real Time Connection– Supports fast connections to streaming data from Sonic MQ and Reuters –

Stockholm, Sweden - 19 June 2007

Panopticon Software, the leading provider of visual business intelligence software, today announced the launch of Panopticon Explorer .NET 1.3, the real time tool for analysis and monitoring. This new release connects out-of-the-box to streaming data from Sonic MQ message queue in addition to Reuters real time data feeds.

Panopticon CTO and co-founder Markus Skyttner stated, “A major client asked us to add Sonic MQ connectivity to our Panopticon application and this idea is very well aligned with our strategy of providing world leading real time visualization. We were able to add support for Sonic MQ as well as Reuters in this new version, which helps our users to quickly understand how things are changing in the markets and to make better informed decisions.”

Other new features in Panopticon Explorer .NET 1.3 are Calculations and Formulas that analyze incoming data on-the-fly and present the results visually in real time. Users can pair conditional statements based on any part of the data with visual alerts that are triggered when the condition is fulfilled. Other visual alerts indicate when and where there is an update in the data.

Says CTO Markus Skyttner: “The visual alerts are extremely powerful. For example, if you are monitoring trade activities or exposure risks, they will let you instantly when certain trouble conditions are present so that you can take immediate action.”