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9 July 2007

email this aricle - IT2 TMS Version 6.2 Release Announcement - 9 July 2007 print this article - IT2 TMS Version 6.2 Release Announcement - 9 July 2007
IT2 Treasury Solutions announces the release of version 6.2 of the IT2 Treasury Management System. 6.2 broadens the scope, depth and breadth of the functionality required of a modern Treasury Management System. The IT2 team have continued to drive the development of the system in all areas of Treasury Management, through the combination of the latest technology with financial expertise.

6.2 offers IT2 clients new risk management tools, increased financial instrument coverage and improved cash management capabilities. With an increasing focus on the investment management capabilities of IT2, all new functionality is delivered in the framework of IT2's Best Practice workflow management as enabled by IT2's unique workbench, process map and management dashboard tools.

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