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Amsterdam -19 February 2007

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Callataÿ & Wouters enables the Rabobank group to launch a new internet bank for Dutch SMEs in record time.

This February in the Netherlands, the Rabobank group launched a new internet bank aimed at SMEs. BIZNER Bank, as it is called, is first in its category. It was launched in record time (in less then 9 months), thanks to the Thaler banking software package and the specialised consultants from Callataÿ & Wouters, to whom the Dutch group entrusted the task of implementing the new system.

This is not the Rabobank group's first experience with the Belgian software editor. Indeed, the group has chosen Callataÿ & Wouters as its strategic partner for all direct banking installations throughout the world. This new success is in fact the fourth in three years, and follows the launch of banks in Belgium, Ireland and New Zealand.

We might add that this is Callataÿ & Wouters' first experience in the Netherlands. Certain modifications had to be made to the Thaler package in order to meet local needs, in particular regarding national payments and debit cards.

No doubt this is a partnership that is not about to end, having made such good headway.

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