Integration of SML’s Assembler Technology into the Modernization Workbench™ Broadens Enterprise Application Coverage; OEM Agreement Executed

Raleigh, NC - October 18, 2004 - Relativity Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of Enterprise Application Modernization solutions, today announced the completion of the technical integration between its Modernization Workbench platform and the FermaT Assembler technology of Software Migrations Ltd. (SML). With this achievement, Relativity’s customers now can analyze and gain insight into their Assembler applications through the integrated Modernization Workbench platform.

The operations of the world’s largest organizations are managed by applications written in multiple environments. This diversity increases complexity and bottlenecks as development groups respond to urgent business needs. With the Modernization Workbench platform, organizations can take advantage of a central repository of detailed and current information about their applications. Through one integrated interface, users can analyze applications written in multiple programming languages - including Assembler - to accelerate any Enterprise Application Modernization initiative.

"The cost of managing applications written in a variety of languages can be a tremendous drain on resources," said Dale Vecchio, research director with Gartner. "By unifying application information, ongoing maintenance costs can be reduced and application modernization initiatives are more practical."

With the integration of SML’s FermaT technology into the Relativity solution users can analyze their Assembler programs in detail, uncover and manage business logic, and even share information with colleagues over the Web - all through Relativity’s Modernization Workbench. The platform’s centralized repository and work environment allow users to modernize, manage, and maintain Assembler programs in parallel with other languages.

"The successful integration of FermaT demonstrates the power and flexibility of the Modernization Workbench platform," said Steve Maysonave, chairman, president, and CEO of Relativity Technologies. "By incorporating unique technologies from leading software vendors into our platform and its centralized repository, we provide our clients with a cost-effective, extensible solution for modernizing enterprise applications. Creation of a centralized knowledgebase of mission-critical applications increases productivity while enabling faster response to business requirements."

"With the inclusion of the FermaT solution, Relativity customers now have visibility of their Mainframe Assembler assets," said Simon Francis, Sales Director with SML "This, coupled with the tight integration with the Modernization Workbench, allows a system wide view of not only Assembler but also its interaction with applications written in other languages."

Through the OEM agreement, Relativity will sell the FermaT software as a separately licensable component of the Modernization Workbench.

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