Paremus chooses Jini Technology for grid computing

London, UK, 29th July 2004 – Paremus announced its endorsement of Jini™ technology for grid computing with Infiniflow™ – the Enterprise Grid Fabric™.

Developed by Sun Microsystems, Jini technology is a network architecture for the construction of distributed systems where scale, resilience and adaptability are paramount. Jini technology provides a flexible infrastructure for delivering services in a network and for creating spontaneous interactions between clients that use these services, independent of their hardware or software implementations. Although Jini technology is not a complete grid framework, its core concepts such as service leasing, service discovery and object mobility, provide the ideal foundations for a new generation of agile distributed enterprise compute service.

“After Java™, we consider Jini to be the most important technology development ever released by Sun Microsystems,” said Dr Richard Nicholson, CTO Paremus. “Whilst Paremus, a founding sponsor of the EGA, has Infiniflow-related Web Services Resource Framework and JXTA components in research and development, Jini and its service oriented characteristics, have been critical to realizing Infiniflow's unique autonomic capabilities. We believe that Jini has been ready to take its rightful position as the service oriented framework for the next generation of agile utility-centric enterprise for some time now, and that recent Web Services developments do nothing to challenge this.”

Developed over the last two years, Infiniflow augments core Jini technology behaviours by leveraging recovery oriented, robust and complex adaptive design techniques. In addition, Infiniflow’s dynamically evolvable self-assembling services, ‘swarm‘ compute resource allocation behaviours, and a scale-free self-healing messaging substrate, allow sophisticated distributed processing patterns to be created whose service characteristics exceed current expectations for resiliency and scalability within distributed enterprise systems.

“Jini technology enables dynamic networking, which is a powerful new way of networking that utilizes the Java platform to deliver highly adaptive technology systems,” says Bob Scheifler, Distinguished Engineer and Jini technology architect at Sun Microsystems. “It is a natural fit for grid computing, which is largely defined by its very dynamic nature and its need for the sort of flexible scaling, resilience, and evolvability that Jini technology can provide. Paremus has recognized this alignment, and has leveraged Jini technology in their Infiniflow grid fabric to create an exciting application of dynamic networking.”

“Initially designed for use in the Financial Services Industry, Infiniflow’s flow-based architecture allows any number of complex business processes to use generic utility compute infrastructure services, whilst delivering unprecedented business agility, service availability and cost effectiveness.” said Mike Francis, Business Development Manager, Paremus. “Being built on rock solid, standards-based, open source software foundations allows Infiniflow to directly meet the challenges posed by next-generation distributed utility data centres.”

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