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Wakefield MDC implements Latima from Treasurynet

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Treasurynet announces the installation of its Latima Treasury Management System at Wakefield Metropolitan District Council. Implementation of the system enabled Wakefield to replace a number of spreadsheets that were used to support its treasury operations thereby mitigating the associated business and operations risks.

Geoffrey Corston, Managing Director, Treasurynet said, ‘as a specialist system for local authorities, Latima provides a secure, ordered business process that enables the treasury officers to focus on the qualitative aspects of managing their operations. Further, by opting for delivery by ASP, we have been able to implement with minimal disruption and impact on their day-to-day business process.’

Unlike some of its legacy 'stand-alone' or 'lan-based' competitors, Treasurynet products are distinguished by having been designed from the ground up to be fully scaleable across a number of technical environments.

The systems can operate successfully and securely on a standalone computer, a departmental workgroup or company lan, a multinational wan/intranet or the world-wide web. Importantly the system will maintain optimum performance regardless of its operating environment.

In addition, this modern systems design architecture expands the choices available to clients when considering the most cost effective and efficient implementation environment to meet their needs.

The user base includes both types of installations with Internet delivery being the option of choice for a number of UK Local Authorities and Intranet being used by larger multi-national corporate clients.

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