Marketing Week Conferences presents its March financial events

Financial Services Data Summit 2005

Wednesday 2 March 2005 - Thursday 3 March 2005, Olympia Conference Centre,

This year's Financial Services Data Summit will explore the latest operational and analytical techniques in leveraging the value of your data to improve customer profitability and drive your CRM strategy. We focus on the fundamentals of successful data usage to drive your marketing programme from acquisition and gathering to manipulation and cross-selling techniques.

We look at achieving a single version of the truth, improving your data accuracy and ultimately achieving consistency with your systems, providing campaign specific examples of efficient data use to maximise retention and acquisition by getting the right message to the right people.

Speakers include:
. Peter Duffy, Director of Customer Insight, Barclays
. Dr. Alex Nippe, Head of Loyalty Based Management/CRM, Credit Suisse
. James Kelly, Head of Retail Analysis, Sainsburys Bank
. Tom Breur, Director of Business Intelligence, ING Card

Wednesday 16 March 2005 - Thursday 17 March 2005, Hesperia London Victoria

Gaining Crucial Insight Into Established SMEs To Provide Value- Added And Banking Financial Service

Get under the skin of small and medium businesses to determine what makes them tick, what drives their buying behaviour and how to develop tailored products and services in response

This dedicated conference will provide the answers to all that you need to know about understanding the key drivers that affect SME buying behaviour. Gain practical insights into translating their needs, expectations and requirements into value-added products and service propositions. How to communicate with them the way they want and develop long term profitable relationships? Understand the business lifecycle, how needs and preferences of businesses change at every point and how to integrate those triggers into your marketing communication strategies. How do you effectively manage your data and build a solid profile of business customers who provide maximum ROI and minimum risk? Find out how to intelligently segment your market, efficiently profile your customers and optimise potential opportunities from your customer base. How do
ever-changing market trends, government regulation and economic change impact SMEs? How can you work mutually with the government bodies and associations to help your customers to grow their profit?

Speakers Include:
. Rachel Bown, Head of Business Banking Marketing, Abbey Business Banking
. Louise Fowler, Marketing Director for Small Business Banking, Barclays
. Mike Conroy, Senior Manager Commercial Banking, HSBC
. Guy Herrington, Marketing Director, Business Banking, Lloyds TSB

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