DSTi Rebrands Its Front and Middle Office Investment Management Solutions

DSTi Rebrands Its Front and Middle Office Investment Management Solutions As Best of Breed to Reflect its Offering

London - DST International (DSTi), the leader in business solutions for
the investment management industry, today announced that it now offers
each of its HiInvest (DSTi's front and middle office solution) products
as standalone, Best of Breed products, as well as linked together in any
combination with either other DSTi products or those from third parties.

Mike Winn, DSTi's group managing director, said, "This may not sound
like a new announcement because each of these products exists and are
live at client sites. Our products essentially have always been offered
as Best of Breed and the clients' various choices of components make up
their individual solution. We have decided to focus on these components
as separate, Best of Breed products so that the market understands that
each of our products not only match but exceed the functionality in the
perceived specialist providers. Obviously any number of our products
can be licensed together to minimise any potential integration issues
and to ensure STP.

"DSTi's front and middle office standalone, Best of Breed products are
all fully integrated with HiDataWarehouse, our industry leading data
warehousing solution. With live interfaces to numerous systems and a
track record for rapid successful implementations, HiDataWarehouse
functions as both a repository and a hub for asset management data.
HiDataWarehouse facilitates transaction flow and allows for a truly
enterprise level view, whether it be for compliance, risk, performance,
modelling, research - or simply consolidated client reporting."

DSTi's products include:

HiInvest - DSTi's top selling front and middle office suite, which

HiDataWarehouse - DSTi's industry leading Asset Management data
warehousing solution that collects core accounting information and
market data. With live interfaces to numerous systems and a track
record for rapid successful implementations, HiDataWarehouse functions
as both a repository and a hub for asset management data, facilitating
transaction flow. HiDataWarehouse is readily extendable, but is shipped
with an extensive data schema proven to support a wide range of
functions across the enterprise, including compliance, risk,
performance, modelling, research, management and client reporting.

HiDataWarehouse takes the load off core accounting systems and delivers
consistent effective data to a wide audience.

HiFrontOffice - DSTi's portfolio enquiry, modelling and order generation
solution that allows portfolio holdings to be automatically rebalanced
against a chosen target benchmark. The product provides for
sophisticated portfolio analysis, modelling and benchmark comparison,
what if scenario analysis, across the board trading and on-line
pre-trade compliance.

HiOrders - DSTi's order management solution that has been specifically
designed to support high volume trading within the largest institutions,
both manually and electronically using the FIX protocol. HiOrders
supports various allocation methods, broker fills, warehousing,
programme trades and direct deal entry. Orders may be bulked for
reduced transaction costs. STP efficiencies are achieved through
connectivity to counterparties throughout the trade life cycle via
standard messaging protocols such as FIX, OASYS and SWIFT.

HiCompliance - DSTi's enterprise wide, pre- and post trade compliance
monitoring and reporting engine. Portfolio Managers can check the
impact of trades on client mandated and regulatory restrictions prior to
actually making a decision. Compliance officers can monitor all trading
activity and violation overrides as well as reporting on intra day and
close market compliance violations.

HiRisk - DSTi's enterprise risk management solution designed for
institutional investors and investment managers. The Event Simulation
Model (ESM) provides a consistent approach to modelling traditional and
alternative investment strategies across all asset classes. HiRisk
produces a broad range of absolute and benchmark-relative risk measures
that can be calibrated to any investment strategy. The HiRisk ASP
enables clients to outsource the management of the operational
infrastructure, including holdings and market data integration. The
HiRisk ASP uses Internet-based technologies, minimising the data
integration and data access challenges inherent in sophisticated risk
measurement solutions.

HiPerformance - DSTi's performance measurement and attribution system
for investment managers. It enables organisations to achieve AIMR/GIPS
compliance. It has been designed as an enterprise-wide performance
solution with data sourced from multiple accounting engines. It is
highly scaleable, supporting the volume requirements of private client
managers as well as the detailed analysis requirements of institutional
investment managers. All key processes have been automated to minimise
implementation and ongoing maintenance effort.

HiReporting - DSTi's complete reporting solution that combines a
sophisticated reporting tool with workflow management facilities and an
integrated reporting data mart. HiReporting has the ability to
interface with virtually any source of information, with data taken from
multiple sources to produce sophisticated reports with speed and
accuracy. It caters for external client reporting, high-quality
internal management reporting and effective marketing collateral.

DSTi's other products that round out its solution include:

HiWay - DSTi's 100% meta data-driven, middleware solution, designed for
global enterprises that need a centralized meta data repository for
handling an ever changing set of data, message formats, and schema which
flow into and out of an organization. The software creates a dynamic
interface for the transfer of information between systems that is
independent of hardware, operating systems, communications protocols,
and types of databases.

HiMessaging - DSTi's T+0 ready messaging solution for STP. Against a
background of ever-changing messaging protocols and the need to
integrate systems to achieve the best levels of quality and
productivity, HiMessaging is flexible, future-proof and brings increased
accuracy and efficiency, which leads to significant savings in
resources. It provides both internal and external STP connectivity.
HiMessaging is the sophisticated solution for streamlining the STP
process for trade confirmation.

HiData - DSTi's multiple vendor market data interface that consolidates
the data and automates the process of collection, checking and
validation of static reference pricing and events data prior to its
upload to investment systems. HiData manages exceptions by e-mailing
alerts for quick, efficient resolution. The exceptions may be either
fixed automatically or sent to a queue for manual correction. HiData
may be configured with a central database or may be used as a
'rules-based' layer through which data passes to protect downstream

HiPortfolio - DSTi's worldwide investment accounting solution can be
implemented for both global and local accounting and reporting
requirements. It is a multi-faceted solution for investment accounting
and transaction processing. It has a wide range of functions for the
investment manager and administrator, which are supported by a hierarchy
of portfolio and NAV structures. It supports the most comprehensive
range of investment instruments and products and is used by many
different types of investment organisations both globally and for
specific regions.

HiTech - Underpinning all of the HiInvest suite of applications, and
complimenting DSTi's full product range is an advanced and superior
architecture, known as HiTech. HiTech allows developers to access the
components deployed by DSTi throughout its application suite. A set of
EJB components, presented as XML APIs is available for developing
interactive web applications, and a set of message based interfaces
facilitates integration with other applications using transports such as
MQ Series. With the HiTech architecture, DSTi technology and products
can underpin in house development projects saving time and money,
letting customers avoid lengthy infrastructure builds

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