Trading in an STP Environment

The future is not just about surviving, but about capitalizing on
opportunities. In order to meet new industry requirements for faster settlement or better risk monitoring and, at the same time, satisfy the demands of your customers, you basically have two options from a systems perspective:

1) Build
2) Buy or outsource

Additionally, success will follow those institutions that strike hard at their operating inefficiencies. Manual work processes, exception processing and dispersant systems inherently drive up your operating expenses. You must strive for straight through processing (STP) and system integration. The cost of client support, error correction, and trade exposure due to improperly entered data from one system to another, can only be effectively controlled through a true STP environment.

For years, many institutions have found themselves buried in internal system development efforts and see no easy way out of their legacy systems dilemma. New systems development brings similar exposure. With straight through processing being delivered today in an outsourced or ASP environment, you now have a viable and cost effective way to address the issues of expense control, improved technology, and positioning for future product, market and regulatory changes.

Lightning from SS&C is a proven STP application that delivers you the full capabilities of a front, middle and back office system in an ASP environment. Lightning positions you for growth while helping you manage costs and increase service - the key ingredients for success.

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