Technology Platform Needed for Growth

Competition for investor dollars is fierce. To remain competitive and provide quality service at the same time, means you need to periodically revisit the world of technology to stay abreast of the latest developments. First on your wish list should a stable trading environment that allows you to interface electronically with your prime broker.

The prime brokerage business has evolved rapidly in recent years. It is now offering investors better ways to look at their fund managers' portfolios via the Internet. Some have been offering analysis reports. Others are exploring how to provide transparency, portfolio stress-testing and risk-measurement tools.

To take full advantage of these services, however, you need to be ready to give your prime broker clean data. Trading on spreadsheets may give you tremendous flexibility in viewing your trades, but it severely limits your connectivity to prime brokers. To make your success scalable, you need the strength of a proven trade order management system.

SS&C's Antares trading system has a robust, three-tiered architecture and established connectivity through the industry standard FIX message format. With Antares as your trading platform, you will not only be T+1 ready, but also be able to send your prime broker all the necessary data in real time without sacrificing the flexibility of spreadsheets.

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