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Industry standards solutions and products related to regulatory compliance within the payments industry. Make use of the regulations solution software provided by industry standard solution vendors featured on bobsguide.

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AutoRek: Financial Risk and Regulatory Reporting Solutions
Company: AutoRek
Our clients use AutoRek to improve internal controls and MI, gaining increased control and visibility over the entire financial process, and achieving minimisation of risk by:   ·        Identifying potentially expensive mistakes early ... read more
targit GmbH
Company: targit GmbH
Software solution for regulatory reporting tecconTR ("targit electronic confirmation connector for Trade Repositories") is targit’s software solution in support of compliance with both the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) as well as the Swiss FMIA law (FinfraG in German), which enables reporting of all derivative contracts to a ... read more
targit GmbH
Company: targit GmbH
tAMA allows banks to automate their clearing processes for interest rate derivatives and ensure full compliance with the new EMIR requirements. With the enactment of the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR), banks have to rely on automated   solutions to fulfill regulatory requirements for the processing of OTC derivatives. Version 1.1 of targit's tAMA adapter ... read more
Company: FIME
Company: FIME
Company: FIME
Company: FIME
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Today's increasing compliance requirements are affecting many business processes. Many organisations are turning to regulatory solutions software to help meet their various compliance needs effectively and efficiently.

Many specialised processes are being developed to solely to meet industry specific regulations and as more and more compliance and organisational requirements become intertwined, the more difficult it gets to keep documentation and processes separate.

Industry standards solutions and regulatory solutions provide the tools for clearer visibility into an organisations' risk and compliance profiles, alongside increasing efficiency and reducing the cost of compliance.

For effective and sustainable compliance you should choose regulations solution software to help manage and record all of your compliance processes. Regulatory solutions support compliance management through document control, compliance training, and reporting of events and actions.

Looking for industry standards solutions? Regulatory solutions enable the integration of business processes with regulatory notifications and by investing in innovative industry standard solutions software developed by reputable industry standard solution vendors you can take some of the stress away from managing compliance.

At bobsguide, we know how hard it can be to source the right vendors who meet your business requirements. This is why we have listed well-known industry standard solution vendors who provide up-to-date industry standards solutions for your company.

By having access to industry standard and compliance data and the tools to plan ahead, your company may be able to make decisions without worrying about the risks. Make use of the regulation solution software featured on bobsguide to manage industry standards and compliance quickly and efficiently.

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