Data Distribution Systems

Data distribution software and tools designed for the purpose of caching, managing and distributing financial data. Browse our range of financial data distribution systems to make sense of your vast amounts of data.

Company: zeb
zeb’s experience shows that manual data corrections are quite common and indispensa-ble. Based on the long-standing experience in the field of data correction, zeb has devel-oped a standardized tool for entering and validating corrections: With and the Data Cleansing module, you can perform manual and au-dit-proof data corrections.   Main features ...
- Perfect integration with 360T, FX-All - Automated provision of required EMIR fields whenever possible - Intuitive display of missing and incorrect fields prior to submission - Automated two-ways communication with registry
Company: SS&C
Carrier Data Exchange Hub SS&C's cloud-based Data Exchange Hub, BenefiX, allows any entity that ...