Webinar: Fast Data in FinServ: Key Trends to Maintain a Competitive Edge

23 August 2017 - 23 August 2017
Webinar: Fast Data in FinServ: Key Trends to Maintain a Competitive Edge
23 August 2017

Financial services organizations have multiple masters: regulators, investors, customers, and internal business users. All create, monitor, and require access to vast amounts of data, generated and viewed on myriad devices and platforms. This data must be immediately accessible, always-correct, and stored for varying periods of time, depending on local, country and global regulations. For FinServ companies, data is currency.

Yet aging, largely proprietary infrastructures lack the flexibility and scale required to respond to today’s highly-networked, regulated, data-intensive financial applications. Fraud, a global, Internet-scale business, is an evolving threat. How can financial services institutions manage uncertainty, innovate with technology, and maintain relevance in an increasingly competitive marketplace?

Find out, on Wednesday, August 23rd, as leaders from VoltDB dig into some of the key trends financial services companies should be aware of to maintain a competitive edge – all using fast data. Topics include:

  • • The importance of a fast data architecture in financial services
  • • Moving from Near Real-Time Data Processing to Real Real-Time
  • • Achieving a Single Source of Truth with consistent master data management
  • • SQL vs. NoSQL vs. NewSQL - Choosing the “Right” Technology
  • • And more