Webinar: Client Lifecycle Management - A Practical Demo

26 July 2018 - 26 July 2018
Webinar: Client Lifecycle Management - A Practical Demo
26 July 2018

Every financial institution in the world is facing a perfect storm of spiralling regulatory change which is putting additional pressure on banks to collect more data and documentation from clients, increasing the cost of compliance and seriously impacting operational efficiency.

Join us for our upcoming webinar where we will provide a practical demonstration of client lifecycle management and discuss best practices.

In the webinar, our expert panel of speakers will explore:

  • Market trends & Best Practices
  • How to Improve Client Onboarding Times and enhance Client Experience
  • How to Reduce KYC Costs & Increase Operational Efficiency

Our market experts will also answer audience questions via our pre-event poll and real-time Q&A session.



Greg Watson, Global Head of Sales, Fenergo

Sinead O'Sullivan, Senior Client Solutions Consultant, Fenergo

Joe Dunphy, VP Product Management, Fenergo


Moderated by:

Conor Coughlan, CMO, Fenergo