Supply Chain Finance Summit

1 February 2017 - 2 February 2017
Supply Chain Finance Summit
1 February 2017 - 2 February 2017
Flemings Conference Hotel
Sarah Ball
0208 466 6987

Brought to you by BCR, the leading publishers in receivables finance, the Supply Chain Finance Summit  brings you the latest trends transforming supply chain finance.

 The supply chain finance environment is rapidly changing. A price slump has created new working capital issues for suppliers in commodity focussed regions. De-risking and stimulating institutional investor appetite is increasingly on the agenda of forward thinking banks.  Find out how these market shifts as well as pressures in the EU political landscape are re-shaping the SCF climate and creating new challenges and opportunities. 
Not only does the Supply Chain Finance Summit offer valuable networking opportunities, it is a fantastic environment to share expertise with your counterparts and build business relationships.

BCR are delighted to offer Bobsguide subscribers a 10% discount on booking. Please use the code BOBG17 when registering.