Live Webinar: Overcome the Challenges of CASS Compliance

29 September 2017 - 29 September 2017
29 September 2017

There is no doubt that firms are now faced with tougher CASS audits and increased scrutiny from auditors. The FCA have stated that firms must be able to demonstrate that they have adequate systems and controls in place to be able to comply with CASS rules. Without the correct CASS governance and oversight in place, it is difficult to achieve ongoing CASS compliance.

Overcome the Challenges of CASS Compliance

We invite you to join us at our webinar which will focus on the challenges of CASS compliance, the FRC’s Assurance Standard, and the importance of centralised processes and robust controls.

Kevin Huby, Owner of Prin10, will be joining us to discuss why robust CASS governance and oversight matters.