AnaCredit - Tackling Data Aggregation Challenges Before the 2018 Deadline

4 July 2017 - 4 July 2017
AnaCredit - Tackling Data Aggregation Challenges Before the 2018 Deadline
4 July 2017
Karola Volz
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The financial crash of 2008 marked a paradigm shift that has highlighted how European banks failed to identify and aggregate information on credit exposures, despite the wide range of data on credit that was available. This significant failure has lead to a considerable increase in the amount of data that regulators are now demanding from financial institutions to attempt to better understand developments in the market and identify risks. The resultant new data initiative, also known as Analytical Credit Datasets (AnaCredit), encompasses the collection of granular credit data based on harmonised ECB statistical reporting requirements.

Our upcoming webinar will feature notable industry experts from some of Europe’s leading banks and Regulatory bodies in an hour-long examination of how AnaCredit will impact reporting for financial institutions and guidance for overcoming common hurdles will also be offered.

The panel discussion participants include, Jean-Marc Isreal, Head of Monetary and Financial Statistics Division at European Central Bank, Abid Samali - Chief Data Officer at Natixis and Dr. Maciej Piechocki, Partner at BearingPoint.

The experts will be examining the following key themes:

  • What is AnaCredit and what information will be held on this database?
  • What are the major challenges financial institutions will face before the go-live date in September 2018:
  • What are the implications of non-compliance?