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MX.3, Murex third generation integrated cross-asset trading, processing and risk management platform offers uncompromising specialisation and leading functionality in each asset class. Drawing from unique experience building integrated platforms and adoption of new technologies and development methods, our most recent introduction, the MX.3™... read more

MX Risk Manager

Murex offers a suite of risk management solutions for banks, hedge funds, asset managers, prime brokers, exchanges, corporate treasuries, utilities, oil groups, trading organizations and other institutions. The MX.3 Platform features:   MX Risk Manager: An enterprise-wide risk management solution providing cutting edge risk... read more

MX Asset Manager

  MX ASSET MANAGER   Our solution provides native cross asset portfolio management, proposes a consistent and centralized management of cash and derivatives products, and is adapted to asset managers and hedge funds vision of risk, investment policies, regulatory reporting, and compliance requirements.   The breadth of... read more

MX.3 Clearing Technology

Stream line your transaction processing, manage a multiple CCP environment, Monitor the collateral of your clients, with MX.3 Clearing technology. Embark on MX.3 and its core Clearing technology to launch or support your Client clearing and FCM services with multiple CCP and SEF environments. Benefit from Murex’s 25-year track record in... read more

MX Collateral Manager

Murex offers a suite of collateral management and margining solutions for banks, hedge funds, asset managers, prime brokers, exchanges, corporate treasuries, utilities, oil groups, trading organisations and other institutions. The MX.3 Platform features MX Collateral Manager: A Margining & Collateral Management solution for cross-product... read more

MX.3 Cross-Asset Back Office Platform

Murex's Enterprise Platform for Optimised Operational Efficiency and Boosted Performances. Market-Differentiating Asset Class Coverage (ranging cash and listed products to OTC derivatives and including structured products) Streamlined Back Office Processes including position management, trade confirmation, settlement, cash transfers,... read more

MX.3 Energy & Commodities

The Murex Energy and Commodities solution is a web-enabled software platform delivering extensive derivative and physical product coverage and structuring capabilities for power, natural gas, crude oil and refined products, coal, emissions, base and precious metals, and soft commodities along with proven cross-market interest rate and foreign... read more

MX.3 Distribution

The Murex distribution solution provides means to organise trading workflows between traders, sales people, branches and clients. The solution covers all simple, structured, hybrid and externally integrated products across all asset classes. The process flows are fully configurable and can include automatic spreading, bid/ask calibration, limits... read more
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