Company Insights

Learning about large scale disruption from incumbents

5th December 2017

Innovation is not the prerogative of start-ups – indeed many of today's incumbents were the start-ups of yesterday. With disruption being the focal point of the numerous digital initiatives that we are seeing across a number of industries, incumbents are taking steps to revolutionise our world. So what does it take to innovate with the...
Evolution not revolution: How better customer data is at the heart of insurtech

14th November 2017

It's often said we are on the brink of a technological revolution, where every aspect of our lives will be changed beyond recognition by AI and other high-tech developments. All this talk about the big tomorrow makes it seem that someone will throw a giant switch whereby technology is not relevant one day, and then is the next. This is, of...
Why integrated commercial lines e-trading matters

30th October 2017

Despite incremental growth in other channels, brokers still distributed 77.1% (£12.5bn) of commercial insurance in 2016, and are forecast to remain dominant in 2021, with 76.6% of the market according to GlobalData forecasts. The importance of commercial e-trading Insurers need to make it as easy as possible for brokers to do business...
Delivering affordable flood risk cover through the intermediated market

23rd February 2017

Adrian Coupland, Managing Director, SSP The increased prevalence of flooding means it is no longer just a winter issue. Recent data on natural catastrophe losses from Munich Re showed floods accounted for 34% of overall losses last year, while the number of flood events in Europe requiring insurance payouts has more than doubled since 1980. ...
UK insurance: Creating a safe haven in a hardening market

10th January 2017

Over the last few months, the UK insurance market has continued to harden, with both SSP and industry data showing a shift in premiums. At the same time, the rise in Insurance Premium Tax has continued apace. Experts predict June's climb to 12%, which will bring a further upsurge in premiums, is just another step towards a VAT-matched rate of...
Taking the first steps in fraud prevention

22nd November 2016

Judging by the latest figures from the City of London Police’s Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED), it seems that ghosts are for life rather than just Halloween – or at least ghost brokers are. Since the department was established in 2012, it has carried out 86 investigations into ghost brokers, with a total value in excess of...
How can brokers manage regulatory change?

9th December 2015

Next year will see a massive shift for brokers across the market as a series of regulatory changes comes into force at the same time, creating a perfect storm for intermediaries. A number of different pieces of regulation will come into effect in the six-month calendar window between April and September 2016. Firstly, the Competition and Markets...