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Dodd-Frank rollback: now is the time for fintech to show real value

23rd May 2018

Fintech initiatives at banks and financial institutions could be set to thrive, as the US prepares to roll back the Dodd-Frank Act say lawyers. The Senate voted to repeal the act earlier this year, and on May 22 Congress also did so. Should President Trump – a vocal critic of Dodd-Frank – give consent to regulators to start the...
Cyber warfare in payments gets intelligent

23rd May 2018

Artificial intelligence has come on leaps and bounds in the past few years, with big data and cyber security adding much to financial service firms’ means of protection. Here, bobsguide speaks with Nezar Nassr, technical product manager and Nasser Sweileh, head of financial crime and compliance risk, product development management, of...
Top payment processing software solutions

22nd May 2018

It’s virtually impossible to run a business of any kind without access to a dynamic payment processing solution. The needs of global firms and start-ups alike have advanced far beyond the payment software that managers used to rely on to stay on top of traditional merchant account activities. Much of that demand stems from the introduction...
Open Banking: regulatory “shot in the arm” drives global initiatives

18th May 2018

Open Banking initiatives, cultures and internal structures are taking off throughout the banking world, driven by regulation, consumer demand and banks making a transition into the next phase of the sector’s evolution, say market participants. “We have Open Banking initiatives from the regulatory side – which has really been...
Does fintech hype sell?

18th May 2018

Chief executive officers, chief risk officers and increasingly, chief information officers, all claim top spot in the finserv hierarchy but how important is the role of the chief marketing officer really? “It bothers me when I see a CMO placed higher than the CIO on the company’s 'about' page,” was one response from...
“We’re under the watchful eye of the regulator”

16th May 2018

It has been announced today that eToro has plans to launch a crypto exchange and wallet for the US market. The multi-asset trading platform, known for its copy trading offering, made the announcement at Consensus 2018 in New York, following the completion of its Series E funding round of $100m. “We believe that in the future all assets...
Half of companies within two years of real-time payments adoption

15th May 2018

A recent poll taken at the bobsguide Fintalk webinar, ‘Real-Time Payments: the growth opportunities and challenges’ revealed that 56% of the webinar audience would adopt real-time payments within two years. Interestingly, a further 36% were undecided on adoption highlighting how pressing the conversation around real-time payments...
Is there a need for a US fintech charter?

14th May 2018

Following years of new regulations, nobody in the financial sector is particularly keen on new rules. Since Dodd Frank and its related slew of regulatory and reporting requirements, the very thought that regulations could become more demanding should send shivers down the spine of anyone working in the market. Not least regulators – who have...
GDPR versus Open Banking: Two sides of the same coin

11th May 2018

Two hotly anticipated legislations of 2018, PSD2 and GDPR, are products of a new digital dawn. The former was met with wholehearted embrace from a host of third party fintech startups and the wider banking community who envisioned a more customer-centric and competitive Open Banking sector; ripe ground for healthy innovation. The regulators...
Barclays' CIO: "The perfect storm for disruption"

10th May 2018

"We took our eye off the ball," Kirsty Rutter, chief innovation officer of Barclays UK, tells bobsguide in this podcast, "and it was a gift." Rutter goes on to discuss how the challenger banks spotted the gap in the market, executed excellent customer-centric strategies with fantastic technology.  It was a time to...