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Comarch delivers state-of-the-art IT solutions for the finance sector including banks, insurers, asset management companies, pension funds, etc.

Company Insights

Adapting to tokens: the simpler, the better

12th September 2018

In my previous article, I tried to answer the fundamental question of why anyone would need a token. Today, we know we need it in order to keep our money safe. It is a good time to reflect on some token-related problems and try to come up with a solution. We will address those problems both from the production and usage sides, which,...
Solving the access rights management issue in a global context

26th February 2018

In the global village, access to a company’s internal resources, and the authorisation management that follows, becomes problematic when the resources must be available to suppliers and subcontractors, often operating from across the world. One can cope with that – but not without a tool. Imagine a telecoms operator with an...
Chasing the Cloud

6th January 2016

Cloud computing brings promises many banks are still reluctant to believe, but an educated leap of faith into the new data access model might just be a prerequisite for their survival. It's every machine for itself: the 3-million swarm of the world's ATMs has no data centre to connect to and get commands from. Lingering in isolation,...
Telecoms and banks – married for better or worse?

10th October 2014

Mobile revolution and evolution of business models pushed a growing number of telecom operators to sign agreements with banks to create integrated services for mobile users. It is possible that in the near future telecoms will become individual banks or even completely replace banks in the long term. Strategic alliances between telecoms and...
When a Customer Is Getting Wealthier…

4th April 2014

With the increase in the number of millionaires the investment advisory service model is changing. One of the major trends is the use of modern mobile and interactive tools to service the richest customers. Regardless of the financial market turbulence in recent years, high rates of return have contributed not only to a significant increase in...