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Since 1990, Profile Software provides award-winning banking and investment management software solutions to the financial services industry. Utilising modern technology tools, it develops innovative FinTech solutions to help FIs to personalise their client experience and optimise their business agility.

Company Insights

Making wealth managers ready as the MiFID II deadline approaches

27th June 2017

The regulators have been clear in communicating the instruction that they expect best efforts to be made to comply with the fast approaching 3rd January 2018 deadline for MiFID II. Whilst an army of consultants have spent months explaining the challenges and interpreting the regulation, now is the time to move to the next phase if you have not...
The fintech trends supporting digital banks

19th May 2017

Undoubtedly the financial services industry is significantly affected by the fintech evolution. Alternative finance firms, digital and challenger banks, P2P lending platforms, as well as traditional banks, adopt new technologies in order to better serve their clients. In a number of research materials, published over the past year, the need for...
A new asset management landscape?: Life after Brexit

27th March 2017

Although there are opinions by the yard as to what Brexit will mean – whether for financial services or otherwise – it is essentially nothing more than speculation on what might be – however educated or well informed. In the UK there was life before passporting and, believe it or not, life would continue if passporting were to...
The evolution of wealth management requirements in the digital era

24th October 2016

It is without a doubt that the wealth management domain has progressed in every sense over the past years to engulf new technologies in order to accelerate their sales objectives and comply with the regulation. Back in 2012, when Profile Software introduced the first natively developed app for the wealth management industry, there were some...
The Crowdfunding’s Industry Evolution

1st February 2016

Since the launch of the first crowdfunding platform in Europe the industry has experienced immense changes. The financial crisis along with the new regulations created the need for alternative finance and banking models. These may well include more innovative products and banking proposals, digital media utilisation, big data management and more....
The alternative banking and finance models, are you ready?

14th November 2014

The UK alternative banking sector is growing with new businesses entering and competing into this field. The FCA, appreciating the huge benefit for the consumer, is lowering the barriers to entry without jeopardising the credibility status. This was also unveiled in PROFILE’s recent event which aimed to bring together industry experts and...