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ION Treasury is the largest provider of treasury and risk management solutions in the world. Our portfolio of leading treasury products includes Wallstreet Suite, Reval, IT2, ITS, City Financials and Treasura, as well as innovative tools and services that span across the entire solution set.

Company Insights

Big Data, Big Potential for Treasury

30th September 2016

The data we all produce on a yearly basis is doubling in size every two years, according to EMC´s digital universe study. EMC reports that by 2020, our digital universe will reach 44 trillion gigabytes, nearly as many digital bits as there are stars in the real universe. That large volume of data – structured and unstructured –...
One for All and All for Cyber Security

3rd June 2016

Cyber security has caught the attention of the board as no board member, CEO or CFO wants to see their company headlined in the news in association with the latest data breach. Unlike just a few years ago, IT security initiatives are increasingly driven from the top down, and it is more than the IT department that´s working on maintaining...
How Cloud-Based Technology is Accelerating the In-House Banking Trend

9th May 2016

In a recent Reval webinar, 63% of financial professionals said they are already using an in-house bank or planning to implement one in near future. The concept has been around for many years, but why is this trend on the rise today? The advancement of cloud-based technology platforms is making the in-house banking concept really pay off with...
Stay Connected with Cloud Treasury Technology

29th January 2016

Finance professionals in multinational corporations are working with a variety of different software applications, including ERP systems, bank portals, market data tools, trading platforms, risk applications and treasury systems. Working with all of these programs, companies often find themselves manually keying the same data more than once. This...
Making the switch from Excel to a Treasury System

25th August 2015

When is the right time to switch from spreadsheets to a treasury system? How soon can companies see the pay-off? For mid-sized companies, it is sooner than they think. Treasury professionals, particularly in mid-market companies, have to determine when the right time might be for their organisation to take the leap from working in spreadsheets...
All about Scalability

28th April 2015

If you think scalability is an IT challenge, you are right. But it is also a challenge for business leaders and treasury professionals. In general terms, a system is scalable if it has the design and capacity to efficiently handle a growing amount of work. This system can be a network, an application, a process, a company or a part of a company...
EuroFinance 2014: The 3 Dimensions of Disruptive Innovation

24th October 2014

At last week´s EuroFinance conference, European treasurers met in Budapest to discuss best practice approaches to handle disruptive innovation from a regulatory, organisational and technology perspective. Deep in the Regulatory Jungle New regulatory requirements are keeping treasurers busy. Asking treasurers in Budapest which regulation...
SEPA: Compliance Checklist

16th October 2013

Getting ready for the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is the first and foremost priority for many corporate treasurers as the 1 February 2014 migration deadline nears, says Günther Peer, Reval’s regional vice president for solution consulting in Europe, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA), as he outlines a compliance checklist that...
Cash visibility for corporate treasuries
Cash visibility for corporate treasuries

6th September 2011

By Paul Higdon, chief technology officer,IT2 Treasury SolutionsThe essential role of cash management operations is to ensure that the business has the cash it needs, at the right place, and at the right time. Failure to achieve this strategic objective can directly impact the efficient commercial operation - and ultimately the viability - of the...
Current trends in corporate treasury and risk management solutions

27th January 2011

By Paul Higdonchief technology officerThe backgroundIt is now over two years since the full fury of the financial crisis struck. Its effects have reverberated throughout the corporate treasury industry, changing priorities in cash, treasury and risk management, and in the demands and requirements placed on the technology solutions that support...