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Reval is the leading, global provider of a scalable cloud solution for treasury and risk management. Our scalable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution helps more than 650 companies around the world to better manage cash, liquidity, financial risk and hedge accounting.

Company Events

[Webinar Recording] Financial Risk Management in a Volatile Market

27th June 2016

High FX volatility, instable commodity prices, low/negative interest rates and the imminent referendum for the UK’s membership of the EU all create uncertainty in European treasuries. For treasurers in today´s turbulent times, controlling financial risks across geographies and asset classes is more challenging than ever before. Please...
[Webinar Recording] Regulation 385 Compliance: What You Can Do Now

13th September 2016

Reval and EY will discuss Proposition 385 and the supporting processes and technologies treasuries can leverage today to avoid compliance fallout. Topics covered will include: Impacts of proposed changes Instruments covered, Documentation requirements Building a structured process to achieve compliance Leveraging technology to...
[Webinar Recording] Cash & Liquidity Management

28th September 2016

Join Reval & Actualize Consulting to hear the strategies and solutions some leading companies are using to: Gain full visibility into corporate cash activities and balances Deliver data in ways that make sense for their companies Re-engineer cash management structures to meet the liquidity demands of their global business  
[Webinar Recording] FX Analytics: How Companies Value & Manage FX Risk

5th October 2016

​Join experts from Reval and Deloitte, who will share: How leading treasuries are providing deep insights into FX risks impacting their financial results and business performance How treasury teams can validate the commercial effectiveness of their hedging strategies Steps treasuries can take to avoid currency-related value erosion ...
[Webinar Recording] Cash Positioning & Forecasting

19th October 2016

Moving full-circle from forecasting, to positioning, to comparisons with actual results, to refining the forecast is a key process when planning for the known, and for the unknown. Topics covered will include: How to get a clear view of cash on hand Strategic placement of idle cash How to gather cash forecast information internally ...
[Webinar Recording] Optimise Your Finance Function

26th October 2016

Listen to experts from Reval, Grant Thornton and Rochford, who discuss: Market Updates: Outlook on financial markets and how changing FX & IR markets can quickly impact your bottom line and ways to protect against it How to attain more accurate cash flow forecasting and gain better visibility of your exposures, allowing for better...
[Webinar Recording] Global BAM and FBAR Compliance

9th November 2016

Topics covered will include: - Bank Account Management - Best practices  - Automation: eBAM state of affairs - FBAR with BAM workflow and process Presenters: Mousa Khouri (Actualize Consulting), Ryan Heaslip (Reval) 
[Webinar Recording] How to Safeguard Your Treasury Against Cybercrime

16th November 2016

Join experts from Reval and PwC for our complimentary webinar where we will discuss: The rise in cybercrime and the damaging effects to organisations The need to make security a top priority for your treasury department Anti-fraud measures that treasurers can take to guard their information How moving your treasury solution to the...
How do you stack up against the best treasury organisations in Europe?

29th June 2017

  Date and time: Thursday, June 29, 2017 9:00 am  Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)    Thursday, June 29, 2017 3:00 pm  Europe Summer Time (Berlin, GMT+02:00) Duration: ...