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Axletree Solutions is the leading treasury automation and bank communication specialist, providing end-to-end solutions to Fortune 500 companies and banks worldwide. With a dedicated team of specialists and fully managed data centers, Axletree delivers a wide range of cutting edge solutions.

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22nd August 2018

Managing bank relationships is one of the key responsibilities of the Treasurer. Part of that management function is to work with vendors as well as banks when implementing SWIFT or a Treasury Management Solution (TMS). An undertaking such as this requires both parties to be transparent and responsive with one another.

12th July 2018

A corporate treasury department has to thoroughly review each option while in the process of connecting to the SWIFT network. The following is an interview completed with Carrie Reyna, Director of Treasury Operations at Sysco Corporations by Benjamin Haws, Senior Business Analyst at Axletree Solutions Inc. If you are also going through the same...
SWIFT Global Payments Innovation (GPI)

18th October 2017

SWIFT GPI enables you to fast-track and trace the cross-border payments. with the unique tracking code, you can trace the payment, STOP or recall the payment transaction in case of any error and trace the extra bank fee charged by the banks. Contact Axletree Solutions for more details.
Sysco Corporation opts for a SWIFT Service Bureau

31st July 2017

Sysco Corp trusted a SWIFT Service Bureau for connecting to the SWIFT Network. A SWIFT Service Bureau does more than expected. It can help you automate your treasury operations through seamless integration.
Bank Onboarding: CITIBANK x AXLETREE

13th January 2017

After the contracts are signed, Bank on boarding is one of the tricky parts of any treasury implementation. This caselet will explore how Citibank and Axletree are two companies that you can rely on to have a successful onboarding experience. Download a caselet in which Citibank explains how axletree can help you with an effective onboarding...
Cash Forecasting module by Treasurytree

14th March 2016

Cash Forecasting module allows for automated submission of forecasts based on user-defined periods using industry standard layouts including tab separated, pipe separated, CSV and proprietary formats.
BAM & eBAM module by Treasurytree

14th March 2016

BAM & eBAM module provides the ability to record the global banking relationships.
Cash Management module by Treasurytree

14th March 2016

The cash management module provides real-time balance reporting. Supports industry standard and proprietary statement formats including BAI, MT9XX , XML and Excel.
Bank Fee Analysis module by Treasurytree

14th March 2016

The Treasurytree Bank Fee Analysis module allows for automated and imported of fee statements leveraging industry standard formats such as EDI , CAMT and proprietary formats.
Symmetree by Axletree Product Sheet

14th March 2016

Symmetree is an advanced tool for providing a full range of integration, transport, and reporting services for enterprise clients and enables the exchange financial data over numerous systems. Enjoy seamless integration across all your business applications.