AutoRek is an award winning financial controls software, specialising in automated reconciliations, cash allocations and compliance solutions.

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Video: CASS Audits

12th July 2018

We are in year 2 of the application of the FRC’s enhanced assurance standard, which finds firms undertaking remedial work to ensure a return to a cleaner audit opinion. Does your firm still rely on manual processes and spreadsheets? Can your firm prove they are in control? Watch our 60 second video to find out why controls should be put in...
The Regulatory Space

6th July 2018

The FRC Assurance Standard covers the work that auditors need to undertake when reporting to the FCA on the compliance by financial services firms with the FCA’s CASS rules. The FCA expect better recordkeeping and record retention to prove controls are in place, operating effectively and that clients are indeed protected. But what does that mean...
AutoRek for Retail Banks

20th June 2018

We work with your existing data to ensure there is no major upstream work to prepare data. On receipt of data we execute a number of data validation and integrity checks to ensure a “golden source” is prepared. Our platform provides: -Internal & External Reconciliations -Regulatory Reporting -Management Information -Configurable Dashboards...
AutoRek for Insurance Firms

19th June 2018

AutoRek can help to maintain master data at all stages of the subledger process including; -Recording and monitoring transactions on a policy basis supporting robust reconciliations, exception management and meaningful MI. -Structuring data enabling automatic generation of forms, documents and feeds to other internal systems. -Housing all master...
Solution Literature: AutoRek for Insurers

6th June 2018

AutoRek has been implemented in large insurance companies, delivering transparency of data, good governance and comprehensive audit trails. Key benefits include access to key information in real time, with workflow and case management to enable efficient escalation of issues and discrepancies as they arise. From assigning individual responsibility...
The Challenges of Regulatory Reporting

30th May 2018

AutoRek’s new whitepaper explores several of today’s key regulatory reporting challenges including: • The cost of compliance weighed against regulatory fines and reputational damage; • The Impact and Uncertainty the UK’s Exit from Europe (Brexit) may have on Regulators; • The role and recent decisions of the regulators themselves; and...
Don’t Wreck Your Recs – Perfect Your Financial Controls Regime

18th April 2018

Download your complimentary copy of this presentation to discover how AutoRek®, our flagship automated reconciliations solution, adopts an iterative 6-step approach to perfecting your financial controls regime. This presentation also explains the typical benefits your firms may receive in the immediate period post implementation, and recurring...
Solution Literature: Data Management

21st March 2018

AutoRek provides at its core, a powerful data management platform supporting the data collection, consolidation, validation and submission required for compliance with reporting regulations and directives. Our purpose-built solutions are used to improve the quality and efficiency of financial data management, from cost reduction and process...
Automating ATM Cash Management: Reconciliations & Reporting

24th January 2018

his paper explores how to use software to fully support ATM cash management, reconciliation and reporting processes. There are several challenges to manual ATM reconciliation and cash management, including: -Manual Controls -Internal Uncontrolled Interface -Substandard Data Quality Exacerbated by Increasing Volumes -Inflexible Systems which do...
Regulatory Round-Up Video

16th January 2018

Giliian discusses the potential regulatory challenges facing firms in 2018. Starting with the Senior Managers and Certification Regime, Gillian considers the extended scope, approaching the allocation of responsibilities and what technological solutions are available to managers to help them ensure they are in control. Gillian then reflects on the...