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SBS’ anti-money laundering and compliance solutions have been providing financial and other institutions with a holistic framework for managing enterprise-wide risk since 1999. With a proven methodology for entity resolution, SBS brings actionable intelligence to clients worldwide. We find the “bad guys” that other systems miss.

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Banking on Pot

12th September 2018

As states across the US legalize marijuana, will banks be able to handle these high-risk customers? Download the infographic to learn more.
The Entity Resolution Mission

30th August 2018

Boost operational efficiency for entity resolution. SAFE Alert Manager combines severity and probability to identify alerts with the highest risk and greatest likelihood of being true. Download the infographic to learn more.
SBS in ACAMS Today: Using Data Analytics to Identify AML Risk

28th February 2018

Data is the lifeblood of financial institutions and other organizations. It is used to run processes, manage financials, predict risk, prove compliance, target customers and influence decisions. In anti-money laundering (AML) and compliance, the data required to identify and combat financial crime is complex. It is also difficult to gather because...
Sanctions for Payments

16th August 2017

Bringing Transaction-Based List Management to the Next Level.
SBS: Delivering a Comprehensive AML Solution to a Securities Brokerage Client.

16th August 2017

Read more in our case study.
SAFE List Management

16th August 2017

SAFE List Management is a fully automated service that goes beyond list consolidation to monitor, download and format data from government sanctions lists, third-party PEPs and high-risk databases and internal lists.
SAFE Forensic Analysis®

16th August 2017

SAFE Forensic Analysis is a specialized, standalone service that reduces exposure by quickly identifying the highest risk in a customer database. It provides a valuable tool for financial institutions and other organizations to complete time-critical due diligence and identify gaps in existing controls.
SAFE Advanced Solutions Visual Intelligence Platform®

16th August 2017

Delivers superior efficiency, flexibility and scalability for List Management, Entity Resolution and Research & Reporting.