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Eurobase provides software & services to the banking, insurance, consultancy & IT recruitment sectors. siena offers a range of real-time, multi-asset solutions including; risk, regulatory compliance, treasury management, sales desk & online customer platform, complementing existing systems via seamless integration.

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The impact of Fintech Disruptors on Corporate Banking

6th February 2018

Recent surveys exploring the current state of the bank to corporate relationship have identified some surprising trends. Fintechs are causing both banks and corporates to re-examine their treasury business models. Are both service user and provider progressing in full alignment or are cracks starting to appear in this crucial relationship? This...
Technological Solutions to Address Low Capital Return for Reinsurers

13th October 2017

“Innovation and Efficiency: Technological Solutions to Address Low Capital Return for Reinsurers” that examines how technology is both part of the cause of the current challenging landscape, but also a key part of the response
siena ePayments

13th July 2017

A complete online payments solution providing a superior client experience, including flexible client driven single or multi-currency cross-border payment workflows and full payee management.
siena eTrader

13th July 2017

A complete single dealer platform providing a superior client experience. It is driven by a high performance rate engine and enriched by an intuitive dealer intervention service
Eurobase Complaints Manager

23rd May 2017

Eurobase Complaints Manager is an intuitive, web-based solution that can be accessed anywhere and at any time and easily incorporates the templates and process management steps you need to achieve compliance. The processes and details required are very clear to follow and vary depending on the type of complaint or query.
siena Treasury Manager

20th April 2017

siena sits at the heart of the treasury landscape, taking external deals and real-time rate feeds as well as data from downstream silos to provide visibility across an organisation's cash flows, exposures and liquidity requirements. With this real-time information, treasurers can make informed decisions to manage their risk and positions and...
MiFID II - Leading from the front

20th April 2017

Discover how you could be MiFID II compliant with siena, the regulatory compliance solution from Eurobase.
MiFID II white paper

22nd February 2017

To help you prepare for MiFID II compliance, we have produced a white paper detailing what you need to know. Our white paper brings out the latest views from David Woolcock - member of the Market Practitioners Group for the FXWG at the BIS, Chair of the Committee for Professionalism and Vice Chair of the ACI Foreign Exchange Committee. David is...
synergy2 - A smarter (re)insurance platform

27th January 2017

synergy2 is a web based platform that enables (re)insurance companies to harmoniously bring together the technology used across their operational landscapes – all within a single, integrated platform. synergy2 can integrate with existing solutions, as well as offering its own modules across a (re)insurance company’s technology landscape.
Data in the value chain

18th January 2017

The insurance industry is currently under a lot of strain with increased regulation and the pressure to reduce operational overheads. These challenges for global insurance programmes need to be met head on by all the participants in the value chain, especially the captives and captive managers, and this drives an increasing dependency on...