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Against the Wind: FX Challenges

20th July 2016

Thomson Reuters FX Exchange 2016 brings together leading FX industry experts on topics affecting all participants in the world’s most liquid asset class.
KYC Survey Report- Sound Principle, Complex Reality

20th July 2016

Is it taking too long to open new accounts? Are you receiving inconsistent KYC requests? A recent Thomson Reuters survey found 89% of corporate treasurers have had a bad experience with the KYC process leading to 13% of them to say they were forced to change banks as a result. Download the report and find out just how complex KYC compliance has...
FX Global Code: May 2016 Update

14th July 2016

On 26 May 2016 the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) FX Working Group published certain sections (Phase 1) of the global code of conduct (Global Code). Thomson Reuters pledges full support for the FX Market Global Code of Conduct in the interests of fair and efficient markets. Thomson Reuters is committed to providing solutions to our...
Infographic: Results of our independent KYC survey

14th July 2016

This infographic displays the results and statistics we found in our independent KYC survey.
Thomson Reuters 2016 BEPS Readiness Survey Report

6th July 2016

For the second consecutive year, Thomson Reuters and TP Week sought to determine corporations’ compliance with the BEPS recommendations. We surveyed 207 corporate executives and tax and transfer pricing directors across dozens of countries and industries. The results depict that the level of preparedness of companies that conduct business...
Whitepaper: Understanding the Treasury Impact of BEPS

5th July 2016

This whitepaper discusses how multinational corporations around the world are working to understand the implication of BEPS. From increased reporting requirements, to more comprehensive transfer pricing documents such as robust benchmarking analysis, the implementation of BEPS will impact corporate treasurers in numerous ways. For more information...
Whitepaper: Understanding Green Bond Financing for Corporate Treasurers

5th July 2016

This whitepaper covers strategic sustainability in investments for Corporate Treasurers and how they can leverage green financing for their long-term strategies.
Whitepaper: BCBS 239 - The Starting Line, Not The Finish

29th October 2015

In this white paper from Marion Leslie, Managing Director of Pricing and Reference Services, we've outlined BCBS 239 requirements and discussed how banks can benefit from the changes they must make in order to maintain compliance.
Blog: Managing Liquidity, Market and Credit Risk

27th May 2015

There are multiple challenges in measuring, mapping and mitigating credit, market and liquidity risk and I have been actively exploring these with risk managers and related practitioners in the market.
Blog: The Russian Sanctions Challenge. To Russia With Love?

26th May 2015

The latest developments to sanctions has created an additional burden on investment and trade compliance as financial institutions and infrastructure providers must ensure they do not trade or settle new debt or equity issued by sanctioned entities. Read this blog posting to learn more to access a related infographic and whitepaper.