Founded in 1992, Openlink is the global leader in trading, treasury and risk management solutions for the commodity, energy, corporate and financial services industries. Openlink's products address treasury, portfolio management, trading, risk management, and operations processing for financial and physical assets.

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Leapfrog the Competition with Agile Procurement

24th February 2017

From baked goods to candy and cocoa confectioners, manufacturers across a range of industries must confront the challenge of thin margins. By integrating procurement, hedging, operations planning and sales, firms can achieve more agile and responsive procurement, capture cost savings, optimize hedges and mitigate compliance risk. Learn more in...
The New Horizon in Treasury Management for Commodity Intensive Corporates

8th February 2017

Building the Business Case for Integrated Treasury and Commodity Risk Management A new white paper by OpenLink and management consultancy Baringa Partners demonstrates how forward-thinking Treasurers and CFOs are making the decision to manage commodity and currency risk by leveraging integrated treasury management and commodity risk systems to...
Are SEFs Impacting your Trading Strategy and Performance?

4th February 2015

In this new white paper, OpenLink explores five major challenges with trading via Swap Execution Facilities. After the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, global regulators focused their attention on the lack of transparency in the derivatives markets. New regulations have become new realities with the emergence of Dodd-Frank mandated Swap...
How to End the Balkanization of Risk Exposure

4th August 2014

An enterprise that is aiming for optimal management of its treasury, risk and supply chain activities can no longer settle for incomplete coverage. Multinational corporations today should consider a more substantial enterprise-wide risk management strategy and be more transparent about risk mitigation.
Finding the Right Path to Hedge Accounting

28th July 2014

With their plates already near capacity, many organizations are also tasked with reevaluating their hedge accounting strategies to address the new wave of regulatory requirements while continuing to mitigate exposure challenges caused by increasingly volatile market activity.
Single Source of Clean Data: Modern Data Management

27th May 2014

Global regulatory reforms have yielded multiple data problems, especially for collateral and margining management. Download this white paper to learn why a real-time holistic view of essential transaction data streaming from traders to operations is critical for firms today.
Unlocking the potential of the CTRM-ERP relationship

24th April 2014

Watch this webcast to understand how a Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) platform and Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) solution can complement each other and help organizations better manage commodity volatility along the supply chain. Discussion topics include: The differences between CTRM and ERP Best practices for leveraging...
Rise of Renewables in U.S. Power Markets

24th April 2014

The volatility that is inherent with renewables will destabilize established forecasting, trading and risk management practices, forcing market participants to review their current practices, infrastructures and systems. Learn more in this new white paper.
Heeding the Call for New Collateral Management

12th February 2014

The global regulatory overhaul for initial margin on swaps (cleared and non-cleared) is increasing demand for high-quality collateral and creating scarcity for these assets. To better manage initial margin, firms will require an enterprise-wide view of collateral. This new white paper from OpenLink presents challenges and best practices for firms...
SEF Compliance Amid Regulatory Turbulence

7th January 2014

The new world of SEF execution will cause market participants to reassess trading operations, workflows and IT infrastructures. Download the white paper now.