GFT delivers enterprise scale solutions quickly and effectively using a resource base of over 4,500 specialists across 12 countries in Europe and the Americas. We are one of the world’s leading IT solutions providers to the banking sector, with a unique hybrid model of onsite and nearshore consultants.

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GFT’s Christian Ball examines how banks are embracing ‘Banking as a Platform

3rd July 2017

With the enormous interest in digitalisation and the move to open banking, Christian Ball (Head of Retail Banking, GFT) looks at the practicalities of how banks are embracing ‘Banking as a Platform’ to serve their customers better and gain a competitive advantage over their rivals in the new digital economy.
Bank as a Platform

27th June 2017

Banks now operate in a fiercely competitive market, with revenue streams being challenged by new customer behaviours, low interest rates and the entry of new agile market participants. To survive, banks are evolving to keep their customers engaged, continually pursuing the most efficient and effective solutions. Find out all about the Bank as a...
GFT’s Paul Burleton on tackling regulatory challenges

12th June 2017

As various ongoing regulatory challenges persist for financial services firms, Paul Burleton (Head of Strategy, Regulatory, Risk & Compliance, GFT) looks at how GFT can provide solutions to these problems and how new technology will impact on these challenges.
New CEO at GFT: Marika Lulay places focus on international expansion

1st June 2017

On 1 June 2017, Marika Lulay took over the reins and became GFT's new CEO. In this video, she shares her vision for the future of the company and the beginning of this new, exciting journey.
FX Operations: The next frontier for mutualisation

31st May 2017

As the FX market continues to grow and cross-border transactions increase in size and value, so too does the expectation of customers in terms of lower costs and better services. In partnership with Broadridge, GFT are delighted to be launching a new piece of leading thought leadership on this topic which provides great insight into how to tackle...
GFT enables 80 percent improvement in time to market

26th May 2017

GFT's global banking client benefited from improved working practices and proven mix of business knowledge and software development methods. The Results: - 80% improvement in time to market with 10% reduction in cost - Greatly reduced system complexity and improved code quality - Better, faster and more sustainable results
The future of bank branch transformation

13th December 2016

This GFT paper exposes how the digitisation of banking will affect the bank branches digitising branches themselves, making branches as an important piece of the banking of the future as a gate between what will keep as physical in the customer-bank relations, and what will become digital. It’s clear from this short document that we live in...
Delivering regulatory change management: Time for a smart approach?

19th May 2016

GFT is delighted to announce the launch of its revolutionary Regulatory Change Management Service, an award-winning solution that gives firms the ability to create an end-to-end tracking process to keep on top of their regulatory challenges. In a new piece of thought leadership entitled 'Delivering regulatory change management: Time for a smart...
FRTB: Now that the ink has dried...

16th May 2016

Increasingly, the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) is greatly impacting the tactical solutions thinking across firms. As the final version of the regulation takes shape, GFT risk specialists have released a new piece of thought leadership entitled 'FRTB: Now that the ink has dried..' This provides a recent update in thinking towards...
General Data Protection Regulation - a route to nirvana for client data?

3rd May 2016

Information technology is increasingly pervading every aspect of our lives, promising fantastic opportunities for improving our health, wealth, knowledge and the way we live together. Plus with data and trust have become the currencies of today’s digital economy, GFT specialists analyse in a new paper, the importance of firms having the best...