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Since 1990, Profile Software provides award-winning banking and investment management software solutions to the financial services industry. Utilising modern technology tools, it develops innovative FinTech solutions to help FIs to personalise their client experience and optimise their business agility.

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Show me: Loans Servicer

13th June 2018 Loans Servicer is an advanced end-to-end solution that streamlines the Loan Management process. It provides organisations with robust tools to effectively monitor their loans portfolio, in a multicurrency, multi-entity, multi-account operational environment, supported by complete audit trail and reporting capabilities. It enables...
eNewsletter Spring 2018

30th May 2018

Profile’s eNewsletter Spring 2018 presents enrichments in wealth mgmt with new Robo Advisor & banking platforms being in the cloud, competitive features in Acumen-net (TMS) and Fund mgmt system with new clients, solutions for NPL mgmt, Investments mgmt, FinTech, Digital Banking trends, awards and events. Read more:...
Axia Robo Advisor

23rd May 2018

Axia Robo Advisor is a digital, omni-channel self-service solution to enable Wealth Management firms to offer an innovative and competitive approach, addressing new markets. Its advanced design allows for complete automation in client onboarding, compliance (e.g. MiFID II), risk monitoring, portfolio construction & rebalancing, supporting a hybrid...
RiskAvert Brochure

25th April 2018

RiskAvert is a complete, modular regulatory capital calculation and reporting solution for credit, market, operational and liquidity risk that offers a secure, flexible and transparent operations. It enables FIs to gather and reconcile data, calculate capital requirements, consolidate results and generate regulatory reports in compliance with the... Payments Brochure

29th March 2018 Payments is the complete payments solution that covers all major payments instruments (credit transfers, direct debits, corporate payments), while supporting multiple networks including Users, Payment Channels and Interbank Networks, through a secure environment. It efficiently automates and monitors the full cycle of payments and can be...
IMSplus – Insurance Investment Management

15th March 2018

The IMSplus Insurance Investment Management solution provides asset managers and investment officers in the Insurance Industry with rich functionality and the desired flexibility to professionally manage their own financial assets and closely audit the outsourced management of them. Read more:...
IMSplus Brochure

15th February 2018

IMSplus, the award-winning Investment Management platform, is accommodating Wealth Management, Asset and Fund Management, Insurance Investment Management Personal Banking and Custody requirements worldwide. It can be deployed as an integrated solution or modularly and in stages depending on the firm’s requirements as it grows. Read more:...
Axia Brochure

25th January 2018

Axia is the web-based, omni-channel, MiFID II enabled Wealth Management solution that enhances business agility delivering common user experience, flexibility and intuitive interface with easy access from any device. It allows for various deployment options, seamless integration to back-end systems and regulatory compliance with powerful reporting....
Corporate Brochure

12th December 2017

Profile Software for the past 27 years provides innovative award-winning solutions to the banking and investment management industries. Its advanced solutions (digital & traditional banking, omni-channel, cloud-based wealth management, marketplace lending, etc.) deliver unique flexibility and FinTech capabilities to help banks, start-ups and...
Profile @ The Telegraph discussing FinTech solutions

31st October 2017

The Financial services industry faces a lot of challenges in terms of regulation, compliance, and profit margins. The increasing pressure from regulators along with the need to automate processes within the organisation are best met with the use of the right software that can make operations more agile, allow easy compliance to changing regulatory...