Customers Report Significant Cost Savings using Simple Device

London, September 3, 2003 — Cast Iron Systems, formerly known as IronHide
Corporation, announced today the release of its first product, Application
Router™ 1000, which provides a fundamentally new approach to business
integration. Cast Iron has shipped the Application Router™ 1000 to customers
ranging from Fortune 500 to mid-sized enterprises to dramatically reduce
their up-front and ongoing IT costs and shorten their implementation time.
The company, led by CEO Fred Meyer, has received $8.3 million in private
funding from Sequoia Capital and Norwest Venture Partners.

Just as network routers reduce the cost and ease the process with which
networks share information, the Cast Iron Application Router™ simplifies the
process with which business applications share information, regardless of
protocols and data formats. This special purpose hardware device handles all
of the protocol conversion, data format conversion and rules-based routing
of information necessary to support the business integration needs.

One of Cast Iron's first customers, PrimeSource Food Service Equipment, uses
the Application Router™ 1000 to automate communication with its suppliers,
replacing manual order processing with a device that easily manages
communication. The data conversion, proactive alerts, and lights-off
management were important criteria when selecting the Application Router.
"Put simply, Cast Iron allows us to change the way that we do business with
our suppliers.

The ease of integration allows us to reduce our purchasing costs, reduce
inventory and build closer partnerships with key suppliers. The low initial
investment and ongoing costs are also tremendous advantages over other
solutions we've seen," said Pat Lawrence, CIO of PrimeSource.

The Application Router™ was designed to address the gap between companies'
existing integration solutions. "Software-only solutions, while appropriate
for large, long-range projects, have a learning and implementation curve
which is too steep for many parts of the enterprise," said CEO Fred Meyer,
formerly chief strategy officer at TIBCO. "The Cast Iron Application Router™
is a perfect complement to the existing Enterprise Application Integration
(EAI) and Application Server market because it solves a critical yet
underserved market that requires low-cost, quick to implement, and easy to
manage integration solutions."

The Application Router™ can automate integration both inside the enterprise
and within a company's value-chain, with equal ease. Cast Iron's customers
have also successfully used the device to connect their ERP systems to
custom applications, provide standard connectivity using RosettaNet and
UCCnet, and to synchronize mission-critical databases in a reliable and
manageable manner.

"The Application Router™ is an exciting product because it blends
comprehensive integration technology with a simple, manageable hardware
device, providing its customers unparalleled ease of use and standards
support. This has been validated by the strong customer interest that we
have seen with the introduction of the product," said Chairman Promod Haque,
managing partner of Norwest Venture Partners.

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