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Case Studies

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Bringing Automated & Consistent Customer Due Diligence to Sterling National Bank

26th September 2014

Sterling National Bank's legacy systems and labor-intensive processes needed to be replaced with robust technology that would streamline workflow, better identify risk and scale to accommodate growth while meeting regulatory requirements. This case study examines how SAFE Advanced Solutions®, SBS' integrated suite of software and services for list... read more

Blending of ‘one & done’ tasks from the back office, into the contact centre

24th September 2014

Company: eg solutions plc
Case study of how to manage the back office and support the “blending” of short-cycle ‘one & done’ tasks from the back office, into the contact centre. Read how improving the throughput of work in the back office will not only deliver an improved customer service, but will also support the reduction of other demand drivers for an... read more

Reval - bobsguide Fintech and Payments Innovation Awards 2014 Nomination

24th September 2014

Company: Reval
Reval’s SaaS TRM innovation is disrupting the TMS market and transforming the way companies manage treasury and risk. The current business environment requires treasurers to be strategic business leaders, charged with making decisions that are critical to the success of their organizations. This dynamic change requires innovative SaaS technology... read more

Toyota achieves valuations best practice

23rd September 2014

Company: SkySparc
SKYSPARC WORKS IN PARTNERSHIP TO DELIVER AN AWARD-WINNING VALUATIONS SOLUTION A key role for Toyota Financial Services (TFS) is to raise funding for its activities, and to achieve this cost-effectively, TFS wanted to make use of more structured and complex financing options. read more

Safe Banking Systems' SAFE Exposure Index®

19th September 2014

SAFE Exposure Index® Providing PNC a Sustainable Process for Identifying and Managing Customer Risk. read more

Treasury Management Systems Guide 2014/15

17th September 2014

Treasury management systems (TMS) are vital for corporate treasurers that want to manage their cash and exposures as efficiently as possible. The bobsguide Treasury Management Systems Guide 2014/15 provides access to a variety of feature articles that examine some of the important issues related to TMS today and a comprehensive functionality matrix... read more

London Metal Exchange Testing Fix Protocol

11th September 2014

Company: Certeco
It is essential to test the FIX Protocol implementation. If FIX messages using this protocol are not implemented correctly and tested well, organisations are unable to communicate and transfer information confidentially without risk. Certeco’s testing engagement with the LME covered the testing of the LME exchange specific FIX message types and... read more

Anti-Money Laundering

10th September 2014

Company: Certeco
With an increasingly globalised banking landscape and vast networks of branches across multiple locations, a number of major banks have faced problems with money laundering and have been hit with substantial fines from regulators. Our client had been fined heavily for failing to have sufficient controls in place to assess where money flows were... read more

Verasis Risk - Case Study

8th September 2014

Company: Veratec Limited
Our client has been in production for a number of years with several middle and front-office modules. This is providing accuracy, transparency and efficiency across all of the applications including: • Value at Risk • Hedge effectiveness (IAS39) compliance • Interest rate risk • Asset and Liability management • Mark to Market Verasis Risk... read more
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