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SAFE Exposure Index®

5th February 2016

Providing PNC a Sustainable Process for Identifying and Managing Customer Risk read more


2nd February 2016

One Connected Community (OCC) caught up with Santander to discuss the importance of customer-centric innovation in banking. As the proliferation of mobile devices continue to disrupt the way customers behave, on thing is clear – banking business models must begin to reflect how customers interact with their brands. Ben Green shares his hopes... read more

Learn how Geoban saved in excess of £5,000,000

28th January 2016

Company: eg solutions plc
“The command centre assists in the identification of high effort processes and provides data to baseline any potential opportunities. During the analysis phase a team calculates and confirms the potential FTE benefits, and helps with the realisation of these once the Innovation App or Re-engineering change has been delivered. Where interaction... read more

Alexander Forbes uses technology to change customers' lives

27th January 2016

Company: Dimension Data
Alexander Forbes views itself as an organisation that is built on technology, the backbone which enables all the products and services it delivers to customers. As they prepare for the impact of widespread digitalisation, Alexander Forbes have partnered with Dimension Data to provide the ability to innovate through technology, which will allow the... read more

ING DIRECT becomes Australia’s first cloud enabled bank

27th January 2016

Company: Dimension Data
As a wholly digital business, ING DIRECT relies on technology to provide its 1.5 million customers with a seamless banking experience. When the bank needed to bring new products to market, however, there was no choice but to schedule service outages – an unwelcome prospect for a wholly online bank. ING DIRECT turned to Dimension Data to help it... read more

Customer Retention

21st January 2016

SunTec improved retention at Africa’s leading financial services player. Our product bundling created value in a world of fast-changing customer attitudes. To bring about a change in mindset and move customers away from buying different products from different banks - effectively creating a ‘one stop’ for banking products in South Africa -... read more

Customer Experience

21st January 2016

SunTec’s revenue management solution enables a leading German Bank to provide superior experience to their Financial Institution customers read more

Change and release management tool for Murex - case study

15th January 2016

Company: Formicary Ltd
Formicary Reformx is a change and release management tool that provides comprehensive auditing, accountability and visibility of changes and deployments that are being applied to Murex trading system environments. With the support of the new Formicary Reformx development workflow, LCH.Clearnet SwapClear has reduced the investment necessary to... read more

CloudPay case study

4th January 2016

This case study demonstrates how Equiniti International Payments worked with payroll provider CloudPay to ensure highly accurate and cost-effective bulk global payroll payments to its clients. Using Equiniti International Payments' PayFac solution, CloudPay is able to offer its clients a full payment service, achieving synergy between payroll and... read more
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