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Biotechnology of the digital bank

11th November 2014

Company: BT
Customer experience and loyalty are front of mind for most banks, especially in an age of easier switching. So what do banks do when they want to find new and innovative ways to make a customer journey more interesting, personal and secure?  They turn to technology.  Some of the particularly fascinating technology that’s making... read more

We Have the Technology: TMS Innovation

6th November 2014

Company: bobsguide
The world of technology is always moving forward, with innovation driving change that makes a difference in every aspect of the world around us. The world of treasury is not immune to this, with treasury management systems (TMS) evolving in a way that reflects the changing role of the treasurer. In the consumer world, there has rightly been a... read more

AliApplePay or AppleAliPay? Or should we even care about a potential Apple - Alibaba tie-up?

6th November 2014

Company: kapronasia
Alibaba and Apple were in the same sentence quite a bit last week as rumours floated about a potential Alipay / Apple Pay tie-up. Beyond a potentially very unique name for a new payment service, what would a potential partnership bring to the table for the companies and consumers? A Domestic disturbance Fundamentally, Apple has everything it... read more

Mobey Day 2014: The HCE Tap Is Open, Let NFC Services Flow

20th October 2014

Company: Mobey Forum
I was prepared for Mobey Forum’s third annual Mobey Day event to be a lively affair. Bringing banks together with, amongst others, GSMA, chip manufacturers and mobile payment software providers to discuss the future of near field communication (NFC) was always going to ignite debate. What I was less prepared for, however, was just how far and... read more

Say Flash Boys again, I dare you, I double dare you…

14th October 2014

It’s now approximately 6 months since the release of that already infamous book. I’m not too sure that Mr Tarantino would have classed it as pulp fiction but it certainly raised a few eyebrows in the industry and caused a huge amount of debate. Although the furore has died down somewhat, it has left the market in a slight state of flux... read more

Breaking Bad Banking Habits with Compliance

17th July 2014

Company: Fonetic
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” said Aristotle. We all have bad habits, many of which are picked up from those around us such as our family, our friends and our colleagues. In fact psychologically speaking, ‘mimicking’ is an evolutionary and subconscious device we all adopt to... read more

Small ‘FinTech’ firms should not be overlooking outsourcing for competitive advantage

16th July 2014

Company: bobsguide
The case for outsourcing for large financial technology firms is so compelling that companies such as Thomson and Reuters (prior to their merger) as well as Standard & Poor’s now have well-developed networks of research, knowledge-processing operations and development teams across the globe. There are many parts of a business that... read more

Nordics Trading Briefing Review/Wrap Up

29th May 2014

On Thursday 15th May, the FIX Trading Community hosted its annual Nordics Trading Briefing at the Berns Hotel, Stockholm. Close to 230 delegates attended this year’s event as it once again proved to be as popular as before with an agenda aimed at encouraging lively debate. Unlike the Americas Conference in February, the weather was extremely... read more

Eating The Frog

23rd May 2014

Company: Fonetic
This is something we should all be doing when we first settle down at our desks in the morning. It’s something that needs to happen before we’ve brewed our first pot of coffee or eaten our cornflakes. No matter how unpleasant or uncomfortable the sensation, we should all be eating the frog. For those of you scratching your heads and... read more

From Big Data with Love

16th April 2014

Company: Mobey Forum
Business travel can be a chore. For over 10 years now, I have been going back to a certain hotel when I travel to Paris. It is a family-run business, with the same people on reception every time. It is constantly undergoing small-scale renovations, the elevator does not always work and the rooms are chilly, but clean. The simple breakfast is... read more
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