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Cybersecurity Regulations Under the Trump Administration: Financial Services, part 1

3rd January 2017

Company: ZENEDGE
Zenedge speaks with a financial market cyber security and compliance expert about her outlook under the Trump administration in this first of a multi-part series on cyber-security issues for key industry verticals. ZENEDGE Chief Marketing Officer Karen Bertoli Interviews Joanna Fields Chief Executive of Aplomb Strategies. Ranking among his... read more

Big Data, Big Potential for Treasury

30th September 2016

Company: Reval
The data we all produce on a yearly basis is doubling in size every two years, according to EMC´s digital universe study. EMC reports that by 2020, our digital universe will reach 44 trillion gigabytes, nearly as many digital bits as there are stars in the real universe. That large volume of data – structured and unstructured –... read more

FIX Trading Community addressing regulation collaboratively

8th July 2016

FIX has been at the forefront of electronic trading for over two decades now. It is the de facto standard for multi asset trading across the globe. From its earliest incarnation as a protocol for routing orders between market participants, the ethos of collaboration and standardisation has been clear. In the financial industry, it is sometimes rare... read more

How Cloud-Based Technology is Accelerating the In-House Banking Trend

9th May 2016

Company: Reval
In a recent Reval webinar, 63% of financial professionals said they are already using an in-house bank or planning to implement one in near future. The concept has been around for many years, but why is this trend on the rise today? The advancement of cloud-based technology platforms is making the in-house banking concept really pay off with... read more

What are the implications of MiFID II?

30th March 2016

Company: RFA
In December 2014, the draft of MiFID II technical standards was published, leaving several technological implications for the business operations of banks and capital markets institutions. The purpose of the regulation, in addition to its predecessor, MiFID, is to protect investors, and to improve market integrity by enhancing the transparency of... read more

Learn, Network, Debate.

18th March 2016

Post event reviews are a difficult topic to write about, even more so when it is one of your own events. Given that we are predominantly a volunteer and member driven body, there could be a slight danger of sycophancy and back-slapping. Our events are billed correctly as “for the industry, by the industry”. The members put together the... read more

Stay Connected with Cloud Treasury Technology

29th January 2016

Company: Reval
Finance professionals in multinational corporations are working with a variety of different software applications, including ERP systems, bank portals, market data tools, trading platforms, risk applications and treasury systems. Working with all of these programs, companies often find themselves manually keying the same data more than once. This... read more

Regulation: What’s in Store for the Alternative Investment Sector in 2016?

25th January 2016

Company: RFA
2016 is shaping up to be one of the busiest years for financial services regulation and legislation globally. There will be several new, challenging regulations that financial sector firms will need to adapt their business operations to in order to stay ahead of the compliance curve. In order to prepare adequately, the wider alternative... read more

Regulation – Everyone’s Responsibility

20th October 2015

Company: bobsguide
The FIX Trading Community returned to Paris for the first time in two years in early October to have further discussions about the current regulatory environment in Europe. The timeliness could not have been better given the publication by ESMA, earlier in the week, of its final technical standards. The panel, consisting of senior participants from... read more
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