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The Role of Reconciliation in Managing Operational Risk

21st November 2014

Company: Watson Wheatley
Operational risk and its mitigation is a pertinent topic right now. The new regulatory environment is forcing asset managers to adhere to strict operating and reporting standards; investors are demanding tight operational controls to protect their assets; managers are seeking to minimise middle and back office costs whilst delivering against these... read more

Treasury Management Systems: Delivering visibility and accurately measuring risk

20th November 2014

Treasury management is the act of administering cash flow and governing procedures and policies within a company to ensure that the company successfully manages risk (risk management). Treasury management is sometimes referred to as cash management because a primary function of treasury management is to make sure a company meets their financial... read more

UK tech start-ups race to crack US remittance market

20th November 2014

The FT has reported that British tech start-ups within the remittances market are currently racing to expand into the US. Yesterday, WorldRemit (London-based remittance company) made their first attempt to crack the US market. The global company which already has a reach of more than 100 recieve countries, announced that they have opened offices in... read more

Risk and regulation issues around crypto-currencies

19th November 2014

Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies (secret currencies) are getting a lot of airtime and being considered with seriousness, for example at HM Treasury, for inclusion in or coalescence with the traditional payments eco-system. At this stage there are more questions than answers, and this should be concerning for the market participants,... read more

The CIO Disruption

18th November 2014

Company: MobileIron
We’ve come a long way since the first usable email-enabled mobile devices were launched over 15 years ago. In many companies, mobile working has moved from a novelty to the industry standard. Core business processes are going mobile, and we are on the verge of the Mobile First era. This shift to mobile will have the same disruptive impact... read more

Clearing banks' clouded view of cloud technology

17th November 2014

Company: BIAN
‘Cloud computing’, a phrase first used by Google's Chairman Eric Schmidt in 2006 to define the provision of remote access to technology-based capabilities over a network, is now a commonplace IT term. It is estimated that nearly 40% of the information in the digital universe will be in the cloud in some capacity by 2020, while... read more

78% of FIMA delegates say regulatory change has accelerated their data strategy

17th November 2014

78% of delegates at the FIMA 2014 conference last week said that that regulatory change has accelerated their data strategy rather than slow it down. FIMA brings together the reference data and risk management community every year in London and this year during the Flash Panel: The impact of regulatory change on your data strategy – what... read more

The alternative banking and finance models, are you ready?

14th November 2014

Company: PROFILE
The UK alternative banking sector is growing with new businesses entering and competing into this field. The FCA, appreciating the huge benefit for the consumer, is lowering the barriers to entry without jeopardising the credibility status. This was also unveiled in PROFILE’s recent event which aimed to bring together industry experts and... read more

Startupbootcamp FinTech: Ones to watch

13th November 2014

With news that the UK and Ireland is now the fastest-growing region for Financial Technology (FinTech) investment, and considering the FinTech hub that London has become, it must be difficult for venture capitalists, angel investors and financial institutions to decide which start-ups to invest in. Startupbootcamp FinTech is one of the accelerator... read more
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