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The financial planning process

1st May 2015

What’s the difference between financial planning and wealth management? Does it matter, and does anyone care? Interestingly, the FCA handbook includes neither phrase in their glossary of terms although both are widely used in the industry to mean similar but different things.  Rather than get into a semantic argument let me explain... read more

All about Scalability

28th April 2015

Company: Reval
If you think scalability is an IT challenge, you are right. But it is also a challenge for business leaders and treasury professionals. In general terms, a system is scalable if it has the design and capacity to efficiently handle a growing amount of work. This system can be a network, an application, a process, a company or a part of a company... read more

Political Pensions

9th April 2015

The budget statement in parliament is a fabulous piece of political theatre and - with this most ‘political’ of chancellors giving his final budget before an imminent and very uncertain election it was as ‘political’ as could be. I learnt a long time ago not to get too hung up on the actual ‘words’ in the... read more

Scientific research proves that bankers, when reminded of their profession, cheat more

7th April 2015

A recent study conducted by Alain Cohn and two other economists at Zurich University, points out that banker’s tendency to cheat accentuates once reminded what profession they belong to. This is generating doubt as to whether the strict regulations in place are capable of keeping the banking industry under control or whether the problem lies... read more

Mobile Payments in Q1 – Five key takeaways

26th March 2015

Payments with mobile devices has exploded. 2014 was a year of huge and rapid change and the first quarter of 2015 has not disappointed. Impactful events like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and Mobile World Congress (MWC) have delivered a slew of significant announcements. So, amid the foray, what have we learned? Major players vie for US... read more

American FinTech market shows its stripes – four major innovations to make us richer and happier

19th March 2015

As a leading outsourcing partner and operations consultant to the FinTech world in the US, I get to speak with a lot of very interesting companies spanning many niches. It continues to amaze me how well envisioned, executed, and value laden many of these new offerings are. It is exciting to anticipate a future state, of personal finance in... read more

Cyber Threats: How to Protect Your Data?

13th March 2015

As companies - alongside customers and governments - do more business online than ever before, they not only enjoy the benefits of the digital world, but they also are exposed to its threats. Aside from high-profile breaches covered in the media – from Targets to Sony – organisations are actually under constant attack. As an example,... read more

Pension Decumulation

9th March 2015

Pensions are dead simple; they are a 60 year deal where money goes in for 40 years and gets taken out for another 20 – Decumulation refers to that joyous part of the pension journey where you switch from putting money in to taking it out. In the good old days when patterns of employment were more straightforward and employers more... read more

Bringing shadow banking out of the dark

10th December 2014

Company: Fonetic
The sinister-sounding ‘shadow banking’ sector may conjure notions of secret accounts and underhand transactions, but it’s in fact a legitimate industry now worth a staggering $75 trillion. But this somewhat opaque market is moving into the spotlight amidst calls for greater regulation – and warnings that it may pose a... read more
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