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Convenience is King - Launch of Paym - 17 Apr 2014

When I leave my house in the morning there are three things that I check my pockets for before walking out the front door: wallet, phone and keys. I don’t remember exactly when the phone became one of the most important items that I own but there has been one in my pocket every day for well over 10 years now. The first one didn’t... read more

From Big Data with Love - 16 Apr 2014

Business travel can be a chore. For over 10 years now, I have been going back to a certain hotel when I travel to Paris. It is a family-run business, with the same people on reception every time. It is constantly undergoing small-scale renovations, the elevator does not always work and the rooms are chilly, but clean. The simple breakfast is... read more

Interview with Chris Dunne, Payment Services Director, VocaLink - 15 Apr 2014

bobsguide had the chance to catch up with VocaLink’s Payment Services Director, Chris Dunne, at the International Payments Summit 2014 in London last week. In light of the launch of the Faster Payments Service in 2008, VocaLink is at it again throwing its weight behind the nationwide roll-out of Paym. The industry-wide collaborative project... read more

International Payments Summit 2014: Show Report - 14 Apr 2014

bobsguide was present for the International Payments Summit 2014 (IPS) at the Hilton Hotel in London. The week-long event, principally sponsored by VocaLink, was a valuable opportunity to learn of global concerns regarding payments; regulatory burdens and emerging technologies. The event annually brings together 400 senior... read more

TradeTech 2014: Conference report Day 2 - 11 Apr 2014

Risks around the use of automated trading were addressed and some of them were set aside, as the discussion become more focussed, including a contribution from a star of ‘Flash Boys’.  Following the questions raised on Day One about the risks that high-frequency trading posed to investment managers, Day Two promised some answers... read more

Corporate Darwinism for Commodity Trading Firms - 10 Apr 2014

With banks exiting commodity trading, Commodity Trading Firms are at the cusp of a fundamental business shift. Risks are very likely to shoot up, leaving Commodity Trading firms no choice but to evolve and adjust to these shifts. Over the past decade, Physical Commodity trading business has been besieged with high price volatility. And it... read more

TradeTech 2014: Conference report Day 1 - 10 Apr 2014

The TradeTech conference has returned to its home in Paris, and proven a hotbed of discussion for traders and technologists alike. TradeTech 2014 opened under the shadow of Michael Lewis's latest book 'Flash boys' which launched on 31 March 2014 and argues that the electronic equity market is rigged. The book is an examination - in... read more

Data governance crucial to both federal government and corporate world - 09 Apr 2014

While much has been stated about the importance of data governance in the corporate world, it is also crucial to the government's use of Big Data, Frank Konkel wrote in a recent article for the Business of Federal Technology. The challenges that are encountered when the federal government makes an effort to harness its data have been... read more

New Opportunity Emerges for UK Banking Sector - 08 Apr 2014

Every day there are over 2 million cheques processed within the UK and whilst this number is declining gradually, the simple fact is that some organisations and people prefer them as a payment tool. There is however no doubt that the current way of handling cheques is cumbersome to say the least and that there are many opportunities to gain further... read more
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