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Banking is necessary but banks are not

31st October 2014

Senior banking executives and industry experts have called for banks to become their own disrupters and agree that in the future there will be fewer bank branches. Opening The Economist’s European Retail Banking Summit 2014, Ralph Hamers (CEO, ING) said that banking is necessary but banks are not and the question that banks should be asking... read more

Why the resiliency of operations translates directly to the resiliency of your business

31st October 2014

Company: eg solutions plc
Operational resilience has always to some degree been an important factor in many industries but it's easy to forget just how much of an impact it can have on the health and efficiency of a company. Not keeping it as a key consideration puts your company at risk of becoming uncompetitive in a rapidly changing business landscape. Every... read more

FCA launches hub to support fintech innovation

29th October 2014

The Financial Conduct Authorities (FCA) pledged to unlock the benefits of financial technology innovation at the launch of the Innovation Hub in London this week. Speaking at the launch, Martin Wheatley (Chief Executive of the FCA) said: “The FCA is here to make financial markets work well for consumers. Innovation can benefit consumers.... read more

Interview: Pay with Zapp

29th October 2014

In the fast-moving world that we live in today, consumers want to be able to pay by mobile, securely and conveniently and Zapp, the UK’s leading mobile payment innovation enables them to do all of this without having to download yet another application (app). By working with UK banks and retailers, Zapp payments enable consumers to pay... read more

Banking on Video Intelligence

28th October 2014

Company: March Networks
Today’s financial institutions are working faster and smarter with video-based software applications designed for speed and return on investment. Video surveillance technology has evolved dramatically during the past five years, but a paradigm shift with game changing consequences for banks and credit unions is only now truly underway. ... read more

Interview: Oracle notice positive change in attitude towards cloud adoption

27th October 2014

Oracle held their annual Oracle OpenWorld 2014 summit at the end the September in San Francisco, USA. The financial services and insurance industry summit featured around twenty three sessions and over 1,000 of Oracles customers (banks, insurance companies and retailers) led discussions at the event.  The Oracle summit is one of the largest... read more

EuroFinance 2014: The 3 Dimensions of Disruptive Innovation

24th October 2014

Company: Reval
At last week´s EuroFinance conference, European treasurers met in Budapest to discuss best practice approaches to handle disruptive innovation from a regulatory, organisational and technology perspective. Deep in the Regulatory Jungle New regulatory requirements are keeping treasurers busy. Asking treasurers in Budapest which regulation... read more

Data Centres: is now the best time to outsource?

23rd October 2014

Many organisations are faced with challenges around their IT needs. Some companies are choosing to migrate their data environment which has caused a number of sleepless nights for many senior executives. As trends in big data and cloud computing continue to increase, many organisations will outgrow their current environment and have to outsource or... read more

Ready to report for AIFMD?

22nd October 2014

Company: AxiomSL
The work fund managers have done to comply with the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) will be put to the test on 31 October, when they have to submit their first reports to regulators. It is clear that many will struggle to meet the European Securities and Markets Authority’s (ESMA) requirements, which present both... read more
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