Best Practice


On-Demand Webinar: What Do Millennials Really Think About Mobile Banking?

30th November 2017

Company: Jumio Inc
View our webinar now to find out the results of our "Millennials in Banking" survey and uncover the answers to your most pressing questions: • How do millennials interact with banks in mobile? • Are millennials satisfied with their mobile banking experience? • What are their greatest concerns about mobile financial services? • How do... read more

Guide to ATM Testing Best Practices

2nd November 2017

The Automated Teller Machine has existed for over 50 years. Whilst it still looks pretty much the same, things have changed significantly on the inside: OS, multi-vendor environments as well as the networks that hide behind the ATM. Companies are forced to update test strategies if they want an efficient ATM estate. Understanding the complexities... read more

Infographic: The Promise Of Transformation

23rd October 2017

How Asset Management Firms are managing increasing complexity and regulation. In today's uncertain regulatory and market environment, business transformation is an imperative. Rising regulatory, vendor and data risk - along with cost and return pressures - mean you need more than "business as usual". By adopting flexible and nimble operational... read more

eBook: The Road Ahead for Asset Management - The Experts Weigh In

23rd October 2017

While nobody knows the future, insight into trends can help firms understand the constantly transforming asset management world and help them find solutions that can prepare them for growth amidst the changes. “The Road Ahead for Asset Management: The Experts Weigh In,” offers a detailed look at upcoming industry changes. Read it to learn more... read more

Q&A: Ready to Choose a Transformation Partner?

23rd October 2017

Before you trust your mid- and back-office operations—including finance and accounting—to an outside provider, you must know who you’re dealing with and what to expect. See how your potential partner measures up by asking the right questions (and listening for the right answers). This Q&A, “Ready to Choose a Transformation Partner?” can... read more

Checklist: Is Your Firm Ready to Future-Proof Operations?

23rd October 2017

Asset management firms face a difficult competitive environment that’s constantly changing. For operations executives, this change provides an opportunity to take their firms’ growth and success to a higher level. Moving to a hosted or managed services operations platform can help many firms successfully meet the challenges they face. read more

Mobile Payment Server enabling YourPay

19th October 2017

Company: INSIDE Secure
Inside Secure’s Mobile Payment solution enables YourPay – allowing Issuing banks (and others) to easily deploy their own “Pays”. This allows them to complement their existing assets and customer relationships with a powerful, convenient and secure Mobile Payment solution. Inside Secure’s Mobile Payment Server manages the eco-system on... read more

Global treasury benchmarking survey

18th October 2017

Company: ION Treasury
In the fourth quarter of 2016, ION Treasury in association with Treasury Strategies, Standard Chartered Bank, and Zanders, set out to take the pulse of the treasury market, globally. The result is the second edition of the “Global Treasury Benchmarking Survey,” which captures the voice of nearly 1,000 finance professionals. This report shows... read more

Video: Xymbology - Resolving symbols, enabling choice

13th October 2017

For firms providing brokerage services, symbology data feeds enable the seamless on-boarding of new clients, who may use differing technologies for market data, order execution and portfolio management. Firms that use the Xymbology feed can gain a competitive advantage in winning new business, more often than not by a switch sale, with minimum... read more

ESP: To Automation and Beyond

6th October 2017

Company: GlobeTax
GlobeTax has a proven track record of maintaining a leading position in automating tax reclaim processes. Central to GlobeTax's strategy has been ESP, the firm’s proprietary electronic submission portal. The financial services industry has been quick to understand – and take advantage of – the expanded capabilities ESP provides, allowing them... read more