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Trading Platform Performance: A Race Against Time

4th March 2015

Company: Formicary Ltd
… Just as trading platforms such as Calypso, Murex, Misys Summit FT or Front Arena become more sophisticated, so too are the tools required to manage them for optimum performance. It’s only by having a deep visibility into the inner workings of a platform that a systems manager stands a chance of being able to identify a higher number of... read more

Risk technology: spend your budget on the carrots, don’t waste it on the stick

4th March 2015

Company: Percentile Ltd
Anthony Pereira, CEO of Percentile, specialists in risk technology for financial services, examines the Basel III interim findings which see the industry falling short and makes the business case for investment in risk technology. read more

Developing Best Mobile App by 'analyzing user interactions with mobile App'

3rd March 2015

In an intensely competitive mobile app environment how do coders ensure their apps hit a high number of downloads? Getting excellent ratings by consumers and hitting a million downloads is the ultimate dream of a mobile app developer. Success of a mobile app depends on the core idea on which the app is built. A mobile app should serve only a single... read more

Webinar: Credit lifecycle management across the commercial lending spectrum

2nd March 2015

Company: Misys
Commercial credit is a big revenue opportunity but disconnects in the lending lifecycle are impacting bank business. 31% of credit mid-size companies went to non-bank lenders in 2014. The pressure is on for banks to be more agile and respond to changing market conditions. 63% of banks are increasing investment in lending technology. Think... read more

So You Think You Can Start-Up?

2nd March 2015

Nurturing a start-up ecosystem requires focus on three important aspects. The unique strategy is essential to capture the minds of customers who are informed, connected and active. With rising competition in this sector, only perseverance can ensure success. Focus on creating value for customer can make or break a business. Start-ups that listen to... read more

Push Me, Pull You

26th February 2015

Manual reminders. Consulting external websites. Receiving files overnight. Checking discrepancies. Manually keying in changes. Alerting compliance. Sounds like data management practices from about 20 years ago, right? Not so. While you wouldn't dream of following this ‘pull’ process with securities data, this does still describe the typical... read more

Targeting new opportunities: the promise of T2S

18th February 2015

Company: GBST
Promise to simplify settlement system in Europe and make markets far more efficient and attractive, TARGET2 Securities (T2S) platform is finally just around the corner. In this article, Denis Orrock, CEO at GBST Capital Markets, shares his view on the challenges faced by financial firms when considering settlement strategies and the priorities... read more

Strategy-driven Transformation

12th February 2015

How are firms staying competitive in an ever-evolving landscape? Strategy-Driven Transformation discusses some of the more pivotal trends affecting the capital and commodity markets—and the firms within them. It provides an overview of how Sapient Global Markets is helping leading firms navigate change. It also offers some examples of how... read more

A New Generation of Core Banking

11th February 2015

Company: JMR Infotech
Shifts in demographics, incomes and behaviour in addition to easily accessible information are empowering customers to demand greater autonomy, transparency and responsiveness from their banks. Customers worldwide are exercising their freedom of choice in search of better and custom-tailored products. The writing on the wall is pretty clear “keep... read more
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