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Common Reporting Standard solution

26th March 2015

Company: AxiomSL
AxiomSL’s flexible, scalable, automated solution provides all of the functionality market participants need to comply with the requirements of the Common Reporting Standard (CRS). This includes ongoing support for all reporting schemas, and dashboards for managing the attestation of regulatory reports. AxiomSL’s ‘one platform’ model means... read more

Smart Order Routing; Revolution to Evolution in Search for Liquidity and Alpha

23rd March 2015

Company: Equinix
Smart Order Routing (SOR) has ebbed and flowed as a topic of interest in the financial industry. Because the functionality has become commonplace in the market, its presence in institutional trading platforms has nearly become an afterthought. But its necessity is without doubt, especially in light of the exponential growth of electronic trading,... read more

The Ultimate Guide to generating winning proposals

19th March 2015

Company: Qorus
A winning proposal presents your company in the best possible light, and is very often the thing that stands between you and a potentially lucrative business deal. Your business needs to create proposals more efficiently in order to get your best proposal out to your client in the shortest time possible and make a lasting impression on your... read more

Quants, Compliance and the Buy-Side OMS

16th March 2015

Company: Equinix
As hedge funds turn to a more active, quant-style of trading, they often need to run pre-trade compliance checks on hundreds if not thousands of names within seconds. But what happens if an OMS is not built to keep up with the rapid pace of executions and compliance checks? There’s no doubt that the move toward quant trading has raised the... read more

Factbook Pitchbooks™

16th March 2015

Company: Factbook
Factbook Pitchbooks™ and its interface will be familiar to anyone used to operating Microsoft PowerPoint®. It will provide your sales team with access to consistently, up-to-date, accurate and approved information on your products and services without the workload, inconsistencies and risks associated with manual processes. It enables your team... read more

How do Anti Money Laundering Softwares & AML Integration Systems Help Banks

11th March 2015

Company: JMR Infotech
In an unpredictable business environment, like today, where FINANCIAL institutions are faced with threats like MONEY laundering and security breaches - both internal and external - a strong anti money laundering (AML) system is a necessity. It is a necessity because the business environment today demands fool proof systems and processes to smoothly... read more

Trading Platform Performance: A Race Against Time

4th March 2015

Company: Formicary Ltd
… Just as trading platforms such as Calypso, Murex, Misys Summit FT or Front Arena become more sophisticated, so too are the tools required to manage them for optimum performance. It’s only by having a deep visibility into the inner workings of a platform that a systems manager stands a chance of being able to identify a higher number of... read more

Risk technology: spend your budget on the carrots, don’t waste it on the stick

4th March 2015

Company: Percentile Ltd
Anthony Pereira, CEO of Percentile, specialists in risk technology for financial services, examines the Basel III interim findings which see the industry falling short and makes the business case for investment in risk technology. read more

Developing Best Mobile App by 'analyzing user interactions with mobile App'

3rd March 2015

In an intensely competitive mobile app environment how do coders ensure their apps hit a high number of downloads? Getting excellent ratings by consumers and hitting a million downloads is the ultimate dream of a mobile app developer. Success of a mobile app depends on the core idea on which the app is built. A mobile app should serve only a single... read more
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