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On-Demand Webinar - MarkLogic for Cyber Defense - 23 Apr 2014

Web Series: Technical Topics in Financial Services and Insurance February 6, 2014 MarkLogic’s Amir Halfon, Chief Technologist, Financial Services Cyber attacks and financial crime have been impacting firms over the past few years in substantial, and potentially disastrous ways. One of the key aspects of tackling these threats is the ability to... read more

Finally! Real Java for Low Latency and Low Jitter - 15 Apr 2014

This Low-Latency Summit workshop presentation explores newly available technologies that enable modern Java applications to finally achieve the long-sought-after goal of consistent low latency coupled with high sustainable throughputs. Java developers are achieving worst case platform latencies of 10 milliseconds and less "out of the box", and... read more

How NOT to measure Java latency - 14 Apr 2014

In this presentation from QCON, Azul Systems CTO Gil Tene discusses some common pitfalls encountered in measuring and characterizing latency. He discusses the fallacy of using standard deviation measurements, the strongly multi-modal nature of latency, common discontinuities found in most computing platforms, and how back pressure and coordinated... read more

Open Trade Brochure - 10 Apr 2014

Open Trade is the first intelligent trading communication platform that combines all traders’ communication channels in perfect harmony. With its high-tech touch screen and elegant, slim-line design, Open Trade offers the very latest in trading communications technology. It builds upon the proven technology provided by Etrali Trading Solutions... read more

Trading Bitcoin - 28 Mar 2014

Company: Perseus Telecom
Ex-Facebook COO invests in GoCoin, a Singapore-based PayPal for digital currencies. read more

International Cash Management in the New Economy: Best Practices for Treasury - 24 Mar 2014

Company: Kyriba
Today’s treasurers play a critical strategic role in the company’s overall growth and development. Treasury function can provide an invaluable expertise in mitigating risks; finding a safe, liquid place to invest funds; assessing risk/return on M&A activities, contributing significantly to the strategic decision-making. read more

Perseus Acquires Chicago’s TLV Networks, Microwave Access Provider - 21 Mar 2014

Company: Perseus Telecom
Acquisition adds high precision trading and market data for CME Group and ICE. Chicago, IL Feb 26, 2014 - Perseus Telecom, a leading provider of high-speed global connectivity, High Precision Time™ and Market-to-Market networks announced today the acquisition of TLV Networks, Ultra-Low Latency Microwave Networks connecting the CME Group Aurora... read more

On-Demand Webinar Playback - The evolving payments landscape - 14 Mar 2014

This bobsguide & Bottomline Technologies webinar will look at how the payments landscape in the UK and elsewhere has changed over the past decade. We'll reference the 10th anniversary of the start of the Bacstel-IP migration, the subsequent development of the Faster Payments Service (FPS), the compliance now associated with Paperless Direct Debits... read more

Stress Testing and Credit Risk Ratings - Let’s Think Strategically - 12 Mar 2014

Company: SunGard
In this article we take a look at the strategic link between loan-level stress testing and rating systems, and consider the precise characteristics of the data-driven rating models capable of supporting best-practice stress testing. read more
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