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Visible Banking A New Way to Reach Your Customers

19th May 2015

Company: JMR Infotech
Have you heard of the new game changer in the banking sphere to reach out to your customers? As experts say social media is the new phenomenon sweeping across the banking industry resulting in larger engagement with their customers. This goes by the name of Visible Banking wherein the banks make themselves more visible to their customers and share... read more

Where next for Wealth Management Technology?

15th May 2015

Simon Cornwell, co-founder of Vermilion Software, at the recent WealthBriefingAsia Singapore Summit. Simon was speaking on the various technology challenges facing wealth managers in the Asian market, in the panel session 'Where next for Wealth Management Technology?' read more

Blog: Risk Data Aggregation, Reporting & Governance

12th May 2015

Company: Thomson Reuters
New blog: A lot has been commented on and written about the challenges that market participants face when trying to address regulatory change. The cost and time implications of meeting new regulatory reporting requirements and enhanced risk management obligations are both significant and unavoidable. Click on the link to read more... Basel,... read more

Why you should test drive technology with a Proof of Concept

8th May 2015

Before implementing a new client reporting and communications platform, clear objectives are required. The solution must meet the ongoing needs of the company. A Proof of Concept (PoC) provides the opportunity to prove the feasibility of new software and provide this surety. A PoC is a short, controlled test of a new solution, simulating the real... read more


7th May 2015

The latest white paper from Sapient Global Markets discusses the evolution of collateral management and outlines the key drivers involved in deciding whether to keep collateral management in house or engage a third party. Plus, it provides an approach for quantifying the in-house versus outsource decision. read more

On-Demand Webinar - Reduce costs and improve efficiency with AP Automation

7th May 2015

By digitally capturing invoices you can benefit from real-time retrieval and visibility of invoices, as they are captured, validated, matched and approved for payment. If you're considering AP Automation or if you want to gain better insight into the benefits, best implementation approaches and practical considerations of AP Automation. This... read more

How Prime Brokers & Custodians Are Addressing Regulatory Change

30th April 2015

Company: Thomson Reuters
The dual pressures of ongoing operational cost reduction and clients’ regulatory compliance are changing the business of asset servicing for custodians and prime brokers alike. But armed with the right tools – including access to the right data sets – asset servicers can position themselves for future growth as they help clients meet the... read more

The Ultimate Guide to generating winning proposals

29th April 2015

Company: Qorus
A winning proposal presents your company in the best possible light, and is very often the thing that stands between you and a potentially lucrative business deal. Your business needs to create proposals more efficiently in order to get your best proposal out to your client in the shortest time possible and make a lasting impression on your... read more

Collateral Optimization: The Next Generation of Collateral Management

16th April 2015

Read about the importance of collateral optimization in a paper by Sapient Global Markets and SunGard. This paper is the first in a series addressing innovation in collateral optimization techniques. It introduces the idea of a collateral management lifecycle and provides a first overview of pre-trade collateral optimization, a concept that builds... read more
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