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Options Cybersecurity Whitepaper: Best Practice Recommendations

30th July 2015

Company: Options
In light of recent cybersecurity oriented initiatives from the SEC and other regulatory entities, as well as an increased number of public and costly attacks experienced across the industry, Options has released an overview of its cybersecurity practices and recommendations for the industry at large. This document broadly outlines these measures... read more

Executive Summary: NAPCP P-Card Best Practices Report

13th July 2015

Company: NAPCP
This is an executive summary of the NAPCP's recently updated report, "Purchasing Card Best Practices: The Key Elements of Building a World-Class Program." The full report is available to NAPCP members and complimentary subscribers at read more

Everything You Need to Know About FinTech APIs [2015 FinTech Startups Conf.]

1st July 2015

Company: Xignite
A 2015 FinTech Startups Conference panel discussing the APIs powering the next generation of fintech. Moderated by Stephane Dubois, CEO of Xignite, the group of leading industry experts addressed how APIs are enabling startups to balance the ability to scale quickly while building robust solutions. Panel Members: Jeroen Volk, CEO, InvoiceSharing... read more

Islamic/Sharia Banking is gaining wider acceptance throughout the world

30th June 2015

Company: JMR Infotech
Islamic Banking is a renowned and established form of commerce in the Middle East; with changing times it is becoming the most credible and preferred method of banking in the rest of the world. Islamic or Shariah-compliant banking aims to achieve equal distribution of wealth via profit-and-loss-sharing, risk sharing, while encouraging... read more

LP reporting: keeping up with LPs requests

23rd June 2015

Company: Baxon Solutions
Our ability to aggregate the latest data across funds, sectors, and portfolio companies is one of Baxon’s key strengths. When several of our clients requested automations for their LP reporting, we knew we could help. Commonly, private equity firms meet LP reporting requirements by maintaining a spreadsheet with key information and then using... read more

How CFOs Can Avoid Repeating PayPal’s OFAC Violations

11th June 2015

Company: Tipalti
On March 25, 2015, PayPal agreed to a $7.7 million settlement for making illegal payments to organizations listed in OFAC and international anti-money laundering (AML) databases. Research indicates that nearly 66% of companies either do not screen or did not know whether they were screening suppliers across OFAC and anti-money laundering (AML)... read more

Accounts Payable Research Reveals Low Satisfaction With International Payments

11th June 2015

Company: Tipalti
Findings from a survey of finance executives identifies low satisfaction with the current state of B2B payments. The study found 51% were dissatisfied with the supplier payment process. More than 70% spend over five hours a week managing supplier payments. Payment compliance is an issue, with 66% of respondents admitting that they did not have /... read more

Europe’s quest for transparency

11th June 2015

Company: GBST
Guidance from ESMA (The European Securities and Markets Authority) on commission sharing, anticipated later this year, will have a profound impact on how financial firms do business and raise new requirements for their back-office systems. In this article, experts from GBST share their views and discuss three key factors at a technological level. read more

4 Ways Global Transaction Banking is Changing

4th June 2015

Globally, transaction banking forms 35% of corporate banking revenues and provides higher return on risk-weighted assets. Today banks have to look beyond their traditional horizons and provide unified platforms with integrated services providing processes and transaction facilities. Future success will require a change in the mindset of banks.... read more
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