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DIGITAL CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT: the key to long-term success for utilities

8th February 2016

Power utility businesses are rapidly waking up to the enormous changes taking place in the global energy market. Stronger environmental policies, increased competition, empowered customers and evolving demographics add to the factors compelling the shift to a more competitive model. In this article, Yugant Sethi and Alakshendra Theophilus discuss... read more

DERIVATIVES GOVERNANCE: enabling product innovation for asset managers

5th February 2016

Derivatives are becoming a valuable tool for asset managers to boost product innovation and deliver outperformance in a risk-controlled manner. But current, reactive governance structures are creating a long lead time for assessing and approving a new derivative instrument. Geoff Cole and Jackie Colella explain how strengthening governance,... read more

DATA QUALITY FOR ANALYTICS: clean input drives better decisions

4th February 2016

Organizations are increasingly relying on analytics and advanced data visualization techniques to deliver incremental business value. However, when their efforts are hampered by data quality issues, the credibility of their entire analytics strategy comes into question. In this article, Niko Papadakos, Mohit Sharma, Mohit Arora and Kunal Bahl use... read more

CLOUD-BASED SOLUTIONS: why the time is right for asset managers

3rd February 2016

Faced with a slew of new industry, client and technology pressures, today’s asset management landscape looks quite different than it did just 10 years ago. In this article, Manish Moorjani discusses the evolution of the asset manager’s ecosystem, looks at the technology solution transformation with the advent of cloud computing and details the... read more

Using AutoRek for Post PS14/9 Intra-day Funding

3rd February 2016

In alliance with Walbrook Partners, this recorded webinar explores the Intra-Day Funding Requirements of PS14/9, and the ways in which AutoRek can be utilised to: • Perform intraday internal and external reconciliations, • Calculate and monitor "prudent segregation" • Create accounting records and... read more

CHOOSING AN ANALYTICS APPROACH: is a single tech platform the right investment?

2nd February 2016

Effective analytics provide insights into what happened, why it happened and what is likely to happen in the future. But when it comes to the “how” of analytics—including which technology platform(s) will be used to support them—there is far less clarity. In this article, Abhishek Bhattacharya explores some of the fundamental challenges of... read more

THE BUSINESS CAPABILITY MAP: a critical yet often misunderstood concept

29th January 2016

The use of business capabilities for planning and analysis has been on the rise in recent years, yet the value they provide is not fully understood. In this article, Shiva Nadarajah and Atul Sapkal show where business capabilities fit into the overall program cycle and how they can be used to drive meaningful decisions to gain alignment from... read more

Trading Platform Performance: A Race Against Time

26th January 2016

Company: Formicary Ltd
… Just as trading platforms such as Calypso, Murex, Misys Summit FT or Front Arena become more sophisticated, so too are the tools required to manage them for optimum performance. It’s only by having a deep visibility into the inner workings of a platform that a systems manager stands a chance of being able to identify a higher number of... read more

Proposal management software for Asset Management

25th January 2016

Company: Qorus
Proposal management software that lets you spend less time on the mechanics of creating documents and more time on writing brilliant content. read more
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