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Forrester Research Report: The Mobile Banking Metrics that Matter

23rd November 2015

Company: Dynatrace
Performance Management: The Mobile Banking Strategy Playbook To achieve key business goals such as boosting mobile banking use and increasing sales - eBusiness executives at banks need to put the right metrics in place for mobile banking. These metrics should track customers' use of mobile, identify opportunities for enhancements or new features,... read more

Path Solutions’ Bulletin issue 29

20th November 2015

Company: Path Solutions
Welcome to our 29th edition of our quarterly newsletter! We hope you enjoy reading our newsletter and find it interesting and informative. Your comments and feedback are most welcome. Please let me know your thoughts. read more

Bacs Transport Layer Security Changes – we’re ready, are you?

13th November 2015

We discuss the upcoming Transport Layer Security (TLS) compliance deadline; what it is, what it means for you, and what you need to do. read more

CIO eBook: Don't let your Business fall into the Digital divide

22nd October 2015

Company: Axway
3 ways an API First digital strategy can drive a successful business and IT transformation. In this eBook, you will learn: - Why web APIs are the foundation for modern integration and an agile digital strategy - How effective API management is the integration platform between cloud services and core enterprise IT services - How to communicate with... read more

Superchoice: Leader in Australian eCommerce

22nd October 2015

Company: Axway
In a nationwide initiative, Australia has undertaken to automate all pension fund transactions and payments. Spearheading that initiative is SuperChoice, Australia’s e-commerce leader in the field. The challenge solved by Axway was to automate the flow of pension fund transactions, consolidate disparate point-to-point connections onto a single... read more

Financial Services Digital Transformation Checklist

22nd October 2015

Company: Axway
The rate of change across the financial services industry is accelerating as organizations race to meet market expectations and introduce new engagement models using every available physical, partner and digital channel. In the digital arena, advances in mobile, cloud, IoT and integration technologies have ramped up competition and opened the door... read more

The Ultimate Guide to generating winning proposals

21st October 2015

Company: Qorus
A winning proposal presents your company in the best possible light, and is very often the thing that stands between you and a potentially lucrative business deal. Your business needs to create proposals more efficiently in order to get your best proposal out to your client in the shortest time possible and make a lasting impression on your... read more

The new normal

16th October 2015

Company: GBST
Operations managers have long focused on technology as a means of gaining efficiency or putting in place more robust processes. In this latest article published in Asset Servicing Times, Gregory McDonald and Nick Clarke of GBST explore the changing face of operations in an increasingly risk-focused marketplace and discuss how technology can bring... read more

AIFMD: Technical Reporting Guide

12th October 2015

Company: Arkk Solutions
AIFMD represents another effort by the European Commission to regulate and strengthen the supervision of the financial services sector in Europe. The Directive introduces a wide set of rules covering the authorisation, ongoing operations and transparency of managers of alternative investment funds that are marketed in the EU. In this guide we... read more
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