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What to expect when you’re expecting ESMA

24th September 2015

Company: RSRCHXchange
As we eagerly await  the final verdict on unbundling under MiFID II, here is a list of 10 things we can expect for research while we’re expecting ESMA’s much-anticipated release. 1. January 2017 is here to stay The delay of the final text from the original June deadline, was the subject of much attention earlier this summer.... read more

Selecting a cloud based financial solution: Proving operational due diligence

23rd September 2015

Cloud computing (accessing services via a remote server hosted on the internet, rather than using a local server or PC) has become more and more prevalent in recent years, and vendors are increasingly offering hosted versions of their financial software to customers. The benefits of going into the cloud are obvious, including less expense (with... read more

Barclays launch new online banking hub

23rd September 2015

Barclays have today announced the launch of iPortal, an online banking hub which helps customers of corporate organisations to have direct access to the entire range of services that the bank offers, using the Barclays Biometric Reader. Many have described the iPortal as an online gateway that will help companies have a clear view of their... read more

Clean up after the first malware attack for Apple

22nd September 2015

Last weekend, Apple revealed that hundreds of millions of users were at risk of data exposure because of a plethora of popular Chinese applications that were created using malware infected developer tools. This resulted in many apps having to be removed from the App Store service. According to US cyber security organisation Palo Alto Networks,... read more

The True Cost of Payment Errors

22nd September 2015

Company: Tipalti
Much of today’s accounts payable automation discussion is centered solely on the pains of digitising inbound invoices and the workflow for approving and scheduling payments. However, arguably the more damaging issues often occur at the end of the AP process: the actual payment remittance and reconciliation operation. The propensity for... read more

Opening the door to hybrid cloud in financial services

21st September 2015

Company: Interxion
In the past, the financial services industry has lagged behind other industries in terms of cloud adoption due to concerns around security and regulation. But this is rapidly changing – a report from Gartner predicts that by 2016 over 60 per cent of banks across the world will process most transactions in the cloud.   Indeed, the... read more

The 'Uberisation' of Knowledge Management for Banks

21st September 2015

Company: EditorEye
With the emergence of the Cloud and the world moving fast towards an API ecosystem for accessing pretty much anything, major banks and professional services are re-examining their information infrastructures as they look to deliver the best intelligence or data to their executives - wherever it originates and whatever format it is in. While... read more

Enterprise Data Migration – the importance of the “poor relation”

18th September 2015

Company: BJSS Ltd.
Data migration is a critical component of many IT projects, yet despite its importance in the overall success of a project, it is often overlooked. On a small project this might result in unnecessary delay and risks being incurred, but for larger programmes, the success of the entire delivery could be put at risk. Whereas small-scale migrations... read more

Corporate Actions 2.0: Don’t get left behind

18th September 2015

Company: SunGard
How are the most successful financial services firms managing in this fast-paced environment of constant change to avoid getting left behind? For one thing, they are embracing new technologies and innovation. Among these technology advancements are the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation’s (DTCC) transformation to ISO-based messages,... read more

The importance and challenges of master data management

18th September 2015

Company: Avention
With advances in technology, the volume of business information available has grown exponentially over the last few years, with more than 50 billion gigabytes of data generated every 10 minutes. We now have unprecedented access to information and actionable insights and as a result the world is better informed and connected than ever before.... read more
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