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Sony cyber security hack could inspire copycats

23rd December 2014

Following news last week that Sony has scrapped the theatrical release of comedy The Interview after threats from cyber hackers drove a number of US Cinema chains to say they would not screen the film, cyber security experts warn that withdrawing the movie could inspire further attacks on other companies.   The Financial Times (FT) reports... read more

American bank supervisors release virtual currency policy

22nd December 2014

The cyptocurrency community received some positive news last week when the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) released their draft policy on state virtual currency. Although the CSBS does not have a direct say in state financial laws it does hold influence on state banks as the only coalition of state bank regulators in the US. The CSBS... read more

Barclay’s chief executive says £500m for forex settlements is not enough

19th December 2014

Barclay’s chief executive, Anthony Jenkins told Sky News earlier this week that the £500m the bank has set aside to settle allegations that they took part in the manipulation of the foreign exchange market will not be enough. According to a BBC report, Jenkins said that he expects future settlements with US authorities to increase... read more

The Twelfth Day of BCBS 239: Happy Holidays!

19th December 2014

G. Sibley is well along in his BCBS 239 journey now. The requirements are challenging, and the project has far-reaching impact on every aspect of his business operations and technology. But, by breaking it out into a series of logical steps he’s found a way to make solid progress. G. Sibley focused first on the Fundamentals: Data... read more

StrategyEye Networking Event: The Future of Wearable Tech

19th December 2014

Company: StrategyEye
Will 2015 be the year that wearable tech finally breaks into the mainstream? Will Apple’s smartwatch blow open the market? Could connected shirts and smart glasses take off or will adoption continue to come in fits and bursts? Join us at The Escalator, in East London, on Wednesday 28th January 2015 for the latest networking... read more

Looking back at pensions, platforms and regulation in 2014

19th December 2014

Bravura Solutions reflects on a year of reform and looks forward to 2015. The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement last week didn’t deliver anything as revolutionary as the reforms announced in his March budget, but there were a few early Christmas crackers around ISA rules. After a monumental year, let’s look at some of the... read more

Putin warns Russia’s economic crisis could last two years

18th December 2014

President Vladimir Putin has insisted the rouble will stabilise but the economic crisis could last for two years. Speaking at his tenth annual news conference in Moscow today, Putin said: “Under the most negative external economic scenario, this situation can last two years, if the situation is very bad, we will have to change our... read more

The Eleventh Day of BCBS 239: Stability

18th December 2014

When significant counterparties became distressed at the peak of the credit crisis, it took some institutions over a month to determine their exposure to the failed or failing business. This is in part because a failing counterparty could consist of thousands of distinct business subsidiaries, not all of which were easily linked to the parent... read more

Big Data analytics in the fight against financial crime

18th December 2014

Company: Fiserv
The fight against fraud and other types of financial crime has become one of the biggest challenges for global financial organisations. Criminals are using ever evolving methods of attack, exploiting multichannel vulnerability and using massive scale to compromise technology systems. Wire fraud incidents alone have, over the past year, led to... read more

The Tenth Day of BCBS 239: Knowledge

17th December 2014

Knowledge is power. In our last post, we illustrated how BCBS 239 compliance will give G. Sibley better information for risk analysis. The more he knows about who’s naughty or who’s nice, and the more he knows where he’s at risk, the smarter he will be able to operate. Another way that G. Sibley gets ahead of his competition... read more
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