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Cloud – where are the benefits?

11th March 2015

Company: Pulsant
When it comes to migrating to cloud, organisations ultimately ask three key questions; will it save money, will it enable greater efficiency, and is it safe? The latter question regarding data security has been answered many times over. Initial resistance to cloud due to security concerns has been overcome and adoption is on the rise. Gartner... read more

Show report: FIX Trading Community EMEA Trading Conference

11th March 2015

For seven years the FIX Trading Community have been bringing together the European trading community for a one day event called the EMEA Trading Conference which is full of key notes from high quality speakers, exhibitions from reputable vendors and a great networking opportunity for industry delegates. Divided into a day full of keynotes,... read more

Client on-boarding: The start of something good

10th March 2015

Client on-boarding can be the first stage of a healthy, productive commercial relationship. Or it can be where it all starts to go wrong. The on-boarding landscape is rapidly evolving and the challenge of getting new customers through the door has become one of vital strategic and regulatory importance. As the FCA continues to increase its... read more

Barclays and SunGard in deal to reduce IT costs

10th March 2015

Barclays has made a first-of-its-kind deal with US based STP solutions company SunGard to cut IT costs by 20 per cent. The news that Barclays is handing over some of its regulatory reporting  obligations and post-trade processing to SunGard comes just days after Anthony Jenkins (Barclays’ chief executive) said that he was losing... read more

Banks face new branchless challenger

9th March 2015

CivilisedBank is a new challenger bank that provides an online-only service to small and medium sized businesses (SMEs). The new bank, led by a team of experienced financial services executives, has secured initial stage funding ahead of its proposed launch later this year. The bank will not have branches but will instead operate through a... read more

Fraudsters target Apple Pay

6th March 2015

It hasn’t been a great week for Apple, first Samsung announced Samsung Pay a new rival in the mobile payments space and now Apple Pay has been targeted by a number of fraudulent transactions using credit-card data stolen from big retailers, including Target and Home Depot. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, around 80 per... read more

Volcker Rule Compliance

6th March 2015

Volcker rule compliance is the most puzzling challenge ever for the financial industry. Bernstein estimated that the Volcker rule could cost banks over ten billions a year. Many banks have chosen to exit some of their business to seek possible way away from the regulators.However, the scrutiny continues because a covered entity is considered... read more

TreasuryXpress announced as FinTech Innovation Awards 2015 Headline sponsor

6th March 2015

TreasuryXpress, the innovative TMS Software-as-a-Service provider, has been confirmed as a headline sponsor of the 2015 FinTech Innovation Awards. Developed as a world-class TMS platform to enable treasurers and CFOs to manage cash positions, payments and financial risks at the click of a button, TreasuryXpress’s mission is to empower all... read more

Compliance training – keeping up to date with regulatory demands

5th March 2015

The finance sector faces mounting challenges in managing compliance training especially in the face of the higher staff churn forecast for 2015-16.Compliance training is mandated by law and it takes up a significant portion of the compliance budget, on average about 24 per cent, so getting it right is paramount. Yet learning and development... read more

Yodlee confirmed as an awards sponsor at FinTech Innovation Awards 2015

5th March 2015

Yodlee Interactive, a leading technology and applications platform, is officially sponsoring the 2015 FinTech Innovation Awards. Built on the foundation of Yodlee’s 15 years of aggregated consumer financial data, Yodlee Interactive empowers visionary entrepreneurs, developers and partners to build the next generation of disruptive and... read more
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