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IT, Compliance and Financial Services: Making the relationship work

25th November 2015

Company: Chef Software
Justin Arbuckle, EMEA vice president and chief architect at Chef, talks about the relationship between primary compliance roles, the compliance pathway and the importance of repeatable processes for technologists to succeed. The journey through compliance in financial services can be long and painful, and it’s more common than people would... read more

Think Big, Not Big Data

24th November 2015

Company: SAP
New thinking on the value of Big Data for the financial services industry Over the past few years, Big Data has had quite a run as a tech industry buzzword. But one problem with tech buzzwords is that the focus gets too myopic – as if one thing is the answer to everything. A sure sign of maturity is when the buzzword seeps into the... read more

Majority of fraud and cyber crimes revealed as “inside jobs”

24th November 2015

Three quarters of companies have experienced incidents of fraud within the past year, according to new research from risk consulting firm Kroll, of which, 81 per cent have been conducted by insiders such as junior employees, senior or middle management, intermediaries and agents. “Cybercrime is one of those things where the insider is the... read more

The true cost of data management for buy-side asset managers

23rd November 2015

The value attached to data for asset managers is ever increasing. In the past, data management was viewed as a mid and back office-only role, focused on timeliness, quality and accuracy, all while aiming to keep costs under control. The burgeoning cost of data management combined with ever increasing demands on data quality, its availability and... read more

The role of the asset manager scrutinised by regulators

23rd November 2015

Due to the concern surrounding the role of the asset manager and how they operate, UK regulators are studying how costs are controlled and how retail and wholesale customers are served. The Financial Conduct Authority are focused on figuring out if clients are getting their money’s worth after members of the Investment Association removed... read more

Leading Women in FinTech

20th November 2015

There have been many reports highlighting the stark gender gap in fintech, however, SWIFT Innotribe’s ‘Power Women in FinTech’ whitepaper published earlier this year, which lists over 400 successful women in FinTech, shows that despite the odds, women are breaking the gender barriers and are building successful careers within in... read more

Data is the new currency for business: Key learnings from Big Data projects

20th November 2015

Company: SAP
Big Data and analytics was a key topic of discussion at Sibos 2015.  Data is not going away. It continues to be talked about more and more, whether it is about the volume of data, the speed it is growing, or the different varieties and types of data and information that is being aggregated, compiled, or analysed. As we move from an era of... read more

Lloyd’s explores fintech opportunities in insurance

19th November 2015

Earlier this week, Lloyd’s, the leading specialist insurance market, hosted a seminar to explore the benefits that technology can bring to the insurance sector. Chairman John Nelson said that the London insurance market is “leading the way” in embracing the opportunities that technology can bring and in the opening remarks at... read more

The future of physical and mobile wallets

19th November 2015

Company: Compass Plus
The debate between mobile versus actual wallets is finally heating up. With the launch of several high profile smartphone providers’ mobile payments platforms, the proliferation of mobile payments apps from brick and mortar institutions and start-ups alike, combined with increased coverage in the press, it would appear that mobile is on the... read more

Infographic: The State of FinTech in 2015

18th November 2015

As investment continues to pour into the FinTech sector and competition heats up, we take a look back at 2015’s biggest trends and most important deals of the year, alongside the key investment figures taking the industry in new and exciting directions. This infographic also names the most active investors in the FinTech space... read more
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