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Top Asset Management Systems read of 2016: Q&A with FIS

26th December 2016

Company: bobsguide
This week on bobsguide we're bringing you the best performing articles of 2016. Today we're focusing on Asset Management Systems. Read on to find out what we discussed in a Q&A with FIS. What’s next after the SunGard acquisition? Last year saw the multi-billion dollar acquisition by banking and payments technology provider... read more

Bank fraud: 2016 review and 2017 predictions

23rd December 2016

Company: ThetaRay
Financial fraud is on the rise, and government agencies, law enforcement and the private sector seem unable to stop it. According to official figures released by Financial Fraud Action UK, more than 1 million incidents of financial fraud – payment fraud, online banking and check fraud – occurred in the first six months of 2016... read more

Top five reads of the year: The world domination of Blockchain

23rd December 2016

Company: bobsguide
Blockchain was an extremely popular topic of focus in 2016, with businesses approaching the model as a strategic and secure platform. The impact of technology is impacting businesses and this year saw firms focus on strategizing their business models around technological platforms.   Could 2016 be the year of the blockchain boom? With... read more

EFRP’s linking listed to OTC

22nd December 2016

Company: QTX Systems
Futurisation is a concept that incubated from the implementation of post-financial crisis regulatory reforms. The premise of futurisation concluded that market participants would turn away from traditional over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives and adopt Exchange Traded Derivatives (ETDs) due to lower clearing cost and regulatory simplicity. The... read more

Top five reads of the year: Broadridge and its Blockchain Protocol

22nd December 2016

Company: bobsguide
In this article, we spoke to Vijay Mayadas, Broadridge’s Head of Global Strategy and US Fixed Income, about his thoughts on blockchain, business strategies and the next step for Broadridge in relation to artificial intelligence. We spoke to Broadridge’s Head of Global Strategy and US Fixed Income, Vijay Mayadas, at Sibos this year... read more

How machine learning can redefine lending

21st December 2016

The lending ecosystem has witnessed momentous changes in last five years, from fintechs disrupting the industry by leveraging technology and offering ease and speed in process, to evolution of stringent regulations post the 2008 meltdown. Technology has played a significant role in the rapid evolution of the lending industry. One such... read more

Top five reads of the year: Infographic: What does the future of Fintech hold?

21st December 2016

Company: bobsguide
This infographic highlights the trends and predications for the fintech market. Some statistics include how there was a 71 per cent rise in fintech investment in 2015 vs 2014 and a predicted value of $3.6 trillion of digital payments to be processed in 2016.   The first three months of 2016 has already seen a 75% rise in fintech... read more

Top five reads of the year: Hot fintech companies to look out for in 2016

20th December 2016

Company: Ormsby Street
Jane Hewitt, marketing manager at Ormbsy Street discusses how Fintech is now worth £20 billion in revenue for the UK economy, as well as focusing on the key players and companies to look out for in the industry.  Over the past few years, the fintech scene has really exploded in the UK, with big players in the payment and alternative... read more

Real-time drives AI uptake

20th December 2016

Company: Pelican
This has been a defining year for artificial intelligence (AI), with banks and corporates starting to realise its potential. Recent developments in big data and cloud computing are certainly aiding this uptake, but for me the key driver in the world of payments is the move to real-time. Real-time payments kicked off in Europe and the wave of change... read more

FRTB: Why banks must act now

19th December 2016

The final rules for the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) regulations were published in January and although details of how the regulators in each jurisdiction will implement them still remains ill-defined we know the changes are coming and that now is the time to prepare. FRTB, part of the Basel III rules which were finally published... read more
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