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Blockchain and Insurance: Partners in Crime?

12th August 2016

According to PwC, 56% of financial firms recognise the importance of blockchain, but 57% do not know how to respond to the blockchain boom. A new report by Long Finance and Z/Yen Group highlights how mutual distributed ledger technology could transform the global insurance industry, but companies need to understand how it works. The PwC study... read more

How Banks Win with Alternative Finance

11th August 2016

The convergence of new technologies, the rise of alternative lending models, and evolving consumer behavior signal a chance for banks to evolve, grow, and thrive. Alternative finance (AltFi) creates new opportunities for banks. Agile new platforms and strategies such as marketplace lending and peer-to-peer lending, supported by new technology... read more

Banks, you have 2 years to embrace technology

9th August 2016

After completing an investigation on the retail banking market, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has found that consumers are paying more to bank but are not benefitting from the financial services that are available to them. The report said that “older and larger banks do not have to compete hard enough for customers’... read more

Trump: No More New Financial Regulation

9th August 2016

Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump has proposed a temporary prohibition, or moratorium, on new financial regulations. He announced this in his speech that detailed his plans for the economy and would not propose any new rules until the United States of America has shown significant growth.   ... read more

What Corporate Treasurers Should Be Focusing on in the Years Ahead

9th August 2016

Company: C2FO
The skies are darkening and the distant rumble of thunder can be heard. Should treasurers be reaching for their umbrellas and rain coats or just battening down the hatches?  The global economy has seen growth since the days of the credit crisis but it remains fragile. Brexit has exposed that fragility and the continuing uncertainty has led... read more

5 Chinese Fintech Unicorns to Watch

8th August 2016

Earlier this year, British unicorn Powa Technologies collapsed into administration and after the vote to leave the EU, who knows what will happen to the UK fintech industry. Despite this, there has been a transformation in the Chinese fintech industry with many companies increasing their worth to over $1 billion. According to Business Insider,... read more

New world order: priorities for corporate treasurers, today and tomorrow

8th August 2016

Company: American Express
In today’s continually changing global economy, it’s now more important than ever for corporate treasurers to protect their organisation against uncertainty. However, given the shifting economic macro-environment, this is no mean feat: the number of unknown variables is increasing, and so the task of managing risk is becoming more... read more

How Banks Can Respond to the Peer-to-Peer Revolution

5th August 2016

Alternate Finance (AltFi) offers an opening for banks to grow into new markets. Some of today’s alternative lending models are still relatively new but they are expected to quickly enter the mainstream as the cloud industry grows and matures. Thus smart banking professionals don’t see AltFi players as threats, but rather as... read more

The effect of Brexit on the treasury landscape so far

4th August 2016

The end of June saw the UK vote to leave the European Union and it would be an understatement to say that a lot has changed since then in the financial industry and within the UK government. The pound dropped to its lowest level since the 1980s after the voting was split 52% to 48%, David Cameron announced his resignation and Theresa May has now... read more

A practical user guide to implementing a successful TMS

4th August 2016

Treasury Management Systems used to be the preserve of big banks and major corporates. Technology advances and lower prices have today made TMS accessible to companies of all sizes. Darius Zemrieta, Treasury Analyst at communications infrastructure and media services company Arqiva, gives a practical guide to those about to embark on their TMS... read more
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