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Santander InnoVentures backs fintech startups with second $100 million investment

19th July 2016

In addition to the $100 million already set aside, the fintech venture capital fund has secured a further $100 million for investment from Santander Group in order to obtain minority stakes in fintech startups. The Group has shown real signs of commitment to innovation recently with news of Blythe Masters being hired as a fintech and blockchain... read more

The increasing momentum of the Internet of Things

18th July 2016

Company: SugarCRM UK Ltd.
When Samsung announced recently that it was investing $1.5 billion over the next four years in the research and development of IoT technologies, it wasn’t so much the scale of the investment that was surprising but rather the language that Vice Chairman & CEO Dr. Oh-Hyun Kwon used to describe it. IoT is to be the “centre of... read more

ISO 20022 Financial Messaging: Real-time Payments Driving Growth

18th July 2016

Company: EastNets
As the culture over the last decade has switched to the ubiquitous smartphone, customer expectations have transformed regarding payment systems. From this instant transaction culture has emerged new Payment Service Providers (PSPs) delivering real-time, instant payments. Banks and Payment Infrastructures normally delivering payment settlement in... read more

Get your market orders in sync for MiFID II with atomic time stamping

15th July 2016

Company: Interxion
The exact timings for the introduction of the European Union’s Markets for Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) may still be in doubt, but capital market participants must not underestimate the challenge posed by the new requirement for time stamping. Driven in part by the rise of high frequency trading (HFT) and the need for high... read more

Hello Brexit, Goodbye Fintechs?

15th July 2016

The decision to move over the mainland Europe is becoming more and more of a reality for many UK based fintechs, despite capital city London being known as a global hub for both finance and technology. The Brexit will result in the negotiation of European trading agreements and many financial institutions and fintech startups will have to comply... read more

Santander: Will Banks Wake Up From Their Blockchain Siesta?

14th July 2016

Will blockchain be the catalyst for change for Spanish bank Santander with Blythe Masters on board? The blockchain guru left the banking world in 2014 to build her startup Digital Asset Holdings, which has since raised $60 million from financial institutions. She has now been tasked with advising Santander on how new fintech and more specifically,... read more

Are you a data innovator?

14th July 2016

Data, digitisation, and financial technology are the buzzwords of tomorrow, today! Everyone seems to be talking about: ‘digital’, ‘big data’ and ‘smart data’, however you choose to define them; and today’s FinTech environment feels reminiscent of the Dot Com era of the late 1990s.  Yet data has... read more

How much of a strain is trade surveillance for exchanges?

13th July 2016

Company: Certeco
Stories of market manipulation are never far away. The Libor trials are regularly in the headlines and suspicious dealings involving FX rate rigging, the manipulation of gilt prices and price fixing cartels have all come to light over the last few years. Understandably the regulators have been laying a compliance heavy hand on the shoulders of... read more

Faster Payments explained, with Tom Hay - Head of Payments at Icon Solutions

12th July 2016

Today’s episode of the FinTalk podcast takes a deeper look at Faster Payments, which many of us now use every day. We invited Tom Hay, Head of Payments at Icon Solutions, who was previously one of the lead architects who designed the central processing system for UK Faster Payments on to the show to explain the history of Faster Payments... read more

MiFID II: Deriving business benefit from algo testing requirements

12th July 2016

Company: Velocimetrics
There’s no escaping the great swathes of regulatory change impacting Europe’s trading community. Whilst compliance requires eye-watering budgets, by going slightly beyond what the regulations stipulate in certain areas some firms are discovering they can actually derive significant additional business benefit from what are, on the face... read more
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