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Sibos Day 1: Technology trends and disruption to expect

27th September 2016

Company: bobsguide
Technology is needed more than ever in business because we’ve reached the stage where products and services need to serve the customer successfully and efficiently, otherwise customers will refuse to use it. Sessions at Sibos today looked into how regulators are embracing the fintech ecosystem and how technology trends effect the... read more

Why banks are betting on AI

26th September 2016

Company: bobsguide
Anti-money laundering, fraud prevention and sanctions processing are three of the key areas people working in in the payments industry see potential for artificial intelligence (AI) to play a role. In a survey of senior payment professionals in banks and corporates, 63% of those polled identified these three areas as potentially benefiting from... read more

Looking to the future: How does the payments landscape stack up

26th September 2016

Company: Misys
The payments and banking landscape has changed dramatically since 2008. Gone are the secret society days of banks determining and driving customers to specific mapped out products with zero transparency. There’s also been a clampdown on huge profit margins and fees for many services, with the focus shifting towards greater accountability.... read more

Sibos 2016 – Transformational Change

23rd September 2016

The theme of Sibos 2016 in Geneva, “Transforming the Landscape”, is particularly pertinent to our marketplace. Faced with the unrelenting pace of regulatory and market change, constrained profitability and pressure to demonstrate greater transparency and governance to both internal and external stakeholders, financial institutions will... read more

World Economic Forum: Partnering with fintechs and fostering innovation

23rd September 2016

Company: bobsguide
Prior to his session on digitalisation of the banking industry, R. Jesse McWaters, Project Lead, Disruptive Innovation in Financial Services at the World Economic Forum spoke to bobsguide about what breakthroughs have been made since Davos 2016, the future of fintech for world leaders and how new technology has been received over the past year. ... read more

Fighting Cybercrime with data analytics

22nd September 2016

Company: Fiserv
Today’s consumers and businesses require payment methods that are fast and convenient, no matter what channel they are using. However, as domestic and international payment networks evolve and payment channels progress to meet these growing demands, Financial Initiations (FIs) face an increasing variety of fraud risk and techniques. This is... read more

TALKINGTECH launch frictionless payments service and dive deep into regulation and KYC

22nd September 2016

Company: bobsguide
We’ve heard the saying “the customer is always right” over and over again, but are companies actually providing products and services that really put the customer first? Today marks the launch of TALKINGTECH’s frictionless customer-facing payment and collections service, Webpay, that allows organisations to serve their... read more

51% of B2B payments still made by cheque

21st September 2016

Company: bobsguide
The digitalisation of finance has never been more advanced, yet the number of B2B payments made by paper cheque actually increased in the US last year. According to new research from the Association for Finance Professionals (AFP), cheque payments increased by one percentage point since 2013. While it's not a big uptick, this reverses the... read more

Reconciliation Utilities: A Taste Of The Future, or an Aftertaste from the Past

21st September 2016

Company: FIS
When I think about the concept of a reconciliation utility, my mind turns to pouring Guinness. Not just because, like reconciliations, it’s much harder to do properly than most people think, but also because trying to provide a large quantity of pints to a broad number of eager recipients, in many ways, highlights the challenges of a modern... read more

Are banks the puppeteers of fintech startups?

19th September 2016

Company: bobsguide
Challenger Starling Bank’s first ever future of fintech report found that fintech startups are being controlled by the traditional players that have invested hundreds of millions of pounds into them. Survey results revealed that banks such as HSBC, Lloyds, Barclays in the UK and Spanish equivalents like Sabadell and BBVA are the biggest... read more
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