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EU Referendum: What’s the point of being optimistic about UK fintech?

13th June 2016

A new Ernst and Young report has found that fintech helped boost foreign direct investment (FDI) to its highest level since 2006 and this is set to increase with the growing demand from foreign investors to enter the UK financial industry. However, as the EU referendum approaches, the impact that it is predicted to have on tech startups could mean... read more

Brexit without the campaigning

13th June 2016

Company: StatPro Group
With all the spin surrounding the Brexit vote, it can be difficult to get a clear sense of the facts. The United Kingdom is about to make the historic and potentially seismic decision of whether to exit or remain a part of the European Union. Financial markets are providing signals of both the likelihood of a Brexit vote and its potential... read more

Is confidence in your cash position limiting your business efficiency?

10th June 2016

Company: Kyriba
Global competition among manufacturing, engineering, medical, and fast growth software companies generates increased anxiety for their incumbent financial chiefs. Both cash abundance and cash scarcity have made it increasingly important for global corporates to have a clear and accurate sense of their cash position, and since the treasury manager... read more

The Role of Onboarding Automation in Growing a Merchant Acquiring Business

10th June 2016

Pac-Man was never a very realistic game. He would eat and eat and eat but never get any bigger. The Merchant Acquiring game is very much like a realistic version of Pac-Man. If Acquirers and ISOs don’t “acquire” merchants, they’ll be eaten. But make no mistake, the ones who do the most acquiring are getting bigger and... read more

Future Technology Predictions within Asset Management

9th June 2016

Company: Osney Media
Following our first Q&A with David Wood, Chair of the London Futurists, we caught up with him again – live at TSAM Europe 2016 – to discuss how future technology will impact upon the asset management industry… How are you finding TSAM Europe? It’s my pleasure to be at TSAM. It’s been an eye-opener for me;... read more

How advisors can adapt their service model to a digital experience

8th June 2016

The financial advising service model of the past has relied upon client relationships and word of mouth. “Storing documents” meant shoeboxes, filing systems, and physical safeguards. However, in order to attract and retain clients today, advisors not only have to keep up with current trends, but also look ahead to where the industry is... read more

Sandboxes and the Fintech Footprint

7th June 2016

After news that the Financial Conduct Authority is launching a regulatory sandbox, it poses the question of whether or not financial technology should be regulated and in turn, increases concerns about whether money management systems should be considered financial products or technology. A safe place for UK fintech Last month, as a part of... read more

Risk and reward of big data in financial services

7th June 2016

Company: Lombard Risk
A vast quantity of structured and unstructured data is now generated and mined in the financial industry. It is analysed by firms as well as regulators to provide insight. For those that do it well, the business value they can derive can confer a competitive advantage. Yet, big data in the regulated world of financial services is not without its... read more

FinTalk: The realities of disrupting financial services

7th June 2016

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending business Zopa is one of the poster kids of the thriving UK fintech industry. Launched in 2005 touting a new model for consumer loans, today the firm has lent more than £1.5bn across its platform. Disrupting the status qo is easier said than done of course, and in this episode of the FinTalk podcast interview series... read more

The World Domination of Blockchain

6th June 2016

Could 2016 be the year of the blockchain boom? With reports of banks and bankers actually using the technology, there is a chance that negative attitudes towards blockchain could be dispelled in the near future. Dominant fintech startup SETL announced last week that they have used this technology to create a platform where both buy-side and... read more
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