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Threat hunters and their integral role in security

8th November 2016

Company: bobsguide
In an industry where technology is celebrated, humans are becoming unnecessary. As their roles in the finance can now be done by systems, many banks have implemented these systems and in turn, fired many employees. However, others think that we are not yet at a stage of fintech evolution where we can wholeheartedly trust technology, and that is... read more

Let’s be ’aving you

8th November 2016

Back in 2005, a well-known football club chairperson went on the pitch at half-time to rouse the home crowd to get behind their losing team. She uttered the phrase “Let’s be ’aving you!” which didn’t seem to resonate with the fans too well. A game of football is probably not the best analogy for MiFID II deadlines,... read more

The omni-channel payments checklist

7th November 2016

Company: The Logic Group
Many merchants have been operating a multi-channel strategy for some time. The aim of the game now is to move to an omni-channel strategy – one that ties all those different channels together into one package that delivers a coherent and frictionless customer experience. That consistency has to extend to every aspect of a business: its brand,... read more

The Fortress

4th November 2016

Company: Auka
As I’m leaving the stage and the buzz from the adrenaline is wearing off, it strikes me. Maybe that’s it! Could it be that “the Cloud” is the biggest product naming failure in the history of computer technology? I was on stage at Google Next, Google’s developer conference where hot topics discussed are their recent... read more

Treasury Innovation in Asia

3rd November 2016

Company: bobsguide
Despite increasing automation throughout most of the corporate organisations in Asia, treasury in many companies has stuck with long-established and often manual practices. Innovation and new technologies are delivering better treasury management systems or alternatives, however, corporate treasuries may soon find new options that could lead to... read more

The relationship of trust may be the winning ticket in the digital race

3rd November 2016

Company: Dimension Data
The pressure to digitise financial products and services and, therefore, on the institutions that provide them, is both relentless and urgent. According to, four of the ten top retail banks will be displaced by digital disruption in the next three years.¹ McKinsey research indicates that digital laggards will see... read more

The state of cloud computing in India

2nd November 2016

Company: bobsguide
With roughly 250 million Indians owning network connected devices, many of which rely on cloud computing, expansion of cloud based technologies in the country seems assured. Indeed, with the projected growth and expansion, spending on cloud-based technologies in India is expected to hit nearly $2 billion, a larger investment than anywhere else in... read more

Embracing the power of finance – looking to the cloud

1st November 2016

Company: BlackLine
Weak economic growth and global insecurity due to the impact of Brexit are contributing to a climate of general business uncertainty. In this context, it isn’t surprising to find that Deloitte’s 2016 CFO Survey shows a shift to defensive strategies on the part of chief financial officers of the UK’s largest corporates. ... read more

The continued vulnerabilities of FinTech and cloud computing

1st November 2016

Company: bobsguide
As more sensitive information is stored online, the sustained menace of cybercrime and fraud continues to grow and evolve. And it’s not just corporations and everyday citizens dealing with the possibility of cybersecurity breaches – cyberattack has reached a new peak thanks to the 2016 US presidential election. Many are pointing fingers... read more

Brexit means Brexit: Big banks could leave the UK in 2017

31st October 2016

Company: bobsguide
Anthony Browne, CEO of the British Bankers’ Association, claimed that Britain’s biggest banks will relocate out of the UK in early 2017 and other smaller banks are making plans to leave before the end of this year. “Brexit means Brexit and we are all Brexiters now,” Browne said and highlighted that the public and political... read more
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