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Reach your business efficient frontier with big data

28th July 2016

Company: Ace, LLC
Twenty years have passed since the rise of the data-warehouse, BI (Business Intelligence), and EPM (Enterprise Performance Management). Companies invested in technologies to capture data and gain insight into their business to maximise cash flow and profitability with mixed results. In spite of significant investments by vendors, internal IT... read more

How can data help you?

28th July 2016

Every industry has a different reason for a different problem that relates back to the database. This is because companies need to extract data but can only use old technology to do this with. Businesses are also in need of time and money to stay one step ahead and prevent being fined, but 80% of time is wasted by data scientists just wrangling... read more

What does a Theresa May Government mean for finance and fintech?

27th July 2016

The well-worn phrase, ‘a week is a long time in politics’, would be a ludicrous understatement when describing the week that saw the appointment of the UK’s second female Prime Minister, Theresa May. For the second time in less than three weeks, the financial and fintech industries were caught completely off guard by political... read more

How to Pinpoint the Right Advanced Analytics Solution for Your Financial Institution

27th July 2016

Company: Saggezza
A tsunami. It’s a perfect metaphor to describe the massive amount of unstructured and structured data financial institutions (FIs) receive and store each day.  Every single minute, data is arriving from various sources; from mobile and Internet banking transactions, social media content, emails, account-holder history, customer... read more

Will big data be the only way to verify ID in the future?

26th July 2016

Company: Hello Soda
ID verification is an essential part of business process to provide confidence that a particular customer is who they claim to be, and to protect both the business and their customers from fraud. Identity fraud costs the UK industry roughly £3.3 billion per year, ID verification processes are critical for businesses to prevent fraud and... read more

Passion, perseverance & patience: Inside the disruption of money transfer

26th July 2016

WorldRemit is one of the UK’s most high-profile fintech companies. It’s part of a new generation of international money transfer services aiming to make sending money as easy as sending a message online. Backed by the likes of Facebook and Dropbox investor Accel Partners as well as Netflix, Spotify and LinkedIn investor... read more

Innovation is not a part time job

25th July 2016

Company: Osney Media
2016’s TSAM New York saw a wealth of asset managers from a vast range of different companies discuss the most burgeoning technology topics at the moment. The day was headed up by an open panel session on the importance of innovation within traditional financial industries. Rohit R. Katti, Director and Chief Technologist, Strategic Technology... read more

Delivering regulatory change management

25th July 2016

Company: GFT
If there is one thing we can predict with 100% certainty, it’s that the burden of regulatory compliance will continue to increase over the course of the next few years. Although most commentators agree that all regulation has a worthy aim, achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance has significantly increased the cost of doing business. ... read more

What do you get when you cross IoT with FinTech? It’s no joke

22nd July 2016

Company: Currencycloud
Whether we're keen runners tracking our time, commuters checking our route home, or selfie fans, endlessly checking into our latest destination, as a society we share information about our whereabouts and lifestyle choices on a daily basis. And that's just the data about ourselves we choose to share. Elsewhere our interactions online are... read more
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