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How the asset management industry is being transformed by fintech

24th October 2016

60% of asset and wealth managers fear losing part of their business to fintech companies, according to PwC’s 2016 Global Fintech Survey. The reality of this fear is being hotly debated in the traditional financial sector currently, as many banking professionals also feel threatened by new automated services that could in turn, put their jobs... read more

The evolution of wealth management requirements in the digital era

24th October 2016

Company: Profile Software
It is without a doubt that the wealth management domain has progressed in every sense over the past years to engulf new technologies in order to accelerate their sales objectives and comply with the regulation. Back in 2012, when Profile Software introduced the first natively developed app for the wealth management industry, there were some... read more

Ripple’s blockchain tech is being trialled for cross-border payments

21st October 2016

It was announced this week that innovation firm R3 and 12 banks within its member consortium have been experimenting with Ripple’s distributed ledger technology to be used in order to scale liquidity and reduce costs for cross-border payments. Banks involved in the trial include Westpac Banking Corporation, Nordea, Barclays, Intesa... read more

Interview with Deutsche Bank: Managing Cash under Regulation

20th October 2016

Lisa Rossi, Global Head of Liquidity and Investment Products for Global Transaction Banking, Deutsche Bank, spoke to us about how treasurers have had to adapt post-financial crisis and how other events in the future could result in uncertainty. What is your role at Deutsche Bank? I’m responsible for Liquidity and Investment Products... read more

The role of cybersecurity due diligence as an M&A priority

20th October 2016

Company: CrowdStrike
Last year alone, M&A activity reached fever pitch, with the global market valued at over $4 trillion – its highest since 2007. If 2016 follows suit, we’re looking at over 18,000 M&A events to occur this year, many of which may be “megadeals” exceeding $50B. Furthermore, it’s not just the global market that is... read more

Why SMEs are missing out on technological advances in the area of Treasury Management

19th October 2016

By taking the simple step of automatically migrating data to a Treasury Management System (TMS), cash control is improved, and the treasury function simplified.  With better information available at your fingertips, the Finance/Treasury functions are able to make speedy, accurate reliable decisions that benefit the overall business.  ... read more

Challenger banks are the next step in the evolution of fintech

19th October 2016

Last week, fintech influencer Devie Mohan partnered with FinLeap, the Berlin-based company builder, to launch her new fintech research company Burnmark. This organisation will continue to do what Mohan does best – predict fintech trends – and will solidify her current role advising banks, consultancies, innovators, accelerators and... read more

Meeting the Challenges of High-Frequency Trading With In-Memory Computing

18th October 2016

Company: GridGain Systems
High-frequency, algorithmic, and quantitative trading is becoming the norm. Financial services firms are looking for ways to gain a technical edge to reduce latency, increase performance, and handle ever-greater analytical complexity. At the same time, they must maintain their transactional-level compliance and risk-management controls. To... read more

Why Japanese banks are chill about fintech

18th October 2016

Will Google Bank or Facebook Bank conquer the world? Should financial institutions be wary of digital giants attempting to make moves in the financial industry? Head of the fintech centre at the Bank of Japan, Naoyuki Iwashita, said that Japanese institutions fear this happening in their country. After the law that prohibited fintech startups... read more
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