Putting omnichannel retail in reach

26th June 2017

Company: TAS Group
Technological and digital progresses have brought deep changes to the retail industry in recent years. Users currently demand high service levels, frictionless user experiences and one-click payments. This is especially true in today’s multichannel, always-connected, hypercompetitive consumer markets. Buyers are constantly moving between... read more

How cybercriminals use the deep and dark web to target financial organisations

26th June 2017

Financial organisations face a barrage of threats from a range of different sources online. There is no doubt that the industry is a prime target for threat actors ranging from cybercriminals, to hacktivists, to nation states. In response, financial organisations should prioritise and implement effective cybersecurity processes, technology and... read more

Rapid change is the only constant in the LNG Market

23rd June 2017

Qatar has been the world’s largest exporter of LNG for almost a decade and has been the primary supplier to many Asian consumers, including most of the Japanese utilities. Currently accounting for about 38% of global LNG exports, Qatar has been able to develop its LNG industry by being a prolific and reliable supplier - and buyers have been... read more

bob’s guide to treasury management systems: How to ensure your TMS is a perfect fit (part 2)

22nd June 2017

Company: bobsguide
After months of research and consultation with treasury technology experts, bobsguide has identified four main stages of treasury management system selection and implementation, which we introduced last week: 1. Assemble your team 2. Settle on the system requirements 3. Meet with the vendors, and test the systems 4. Make your selection, and... read more

The EC’s PSD2 RTS: Winners and losers

22nd June 2017

Company: Icon Solutions
While the industry continues its race against time to be PSD2-ready in January 2018, there still remains a number of unknowns and conflicting opinions on how the banking and payments landscape will be reshaped once the legislation comes into force. Of these areas of disagreement, the most hotly debated continues to be the EBA’s controversial... read more

How Georgia became responsible for 70% of the world’s financial transactions

21st June 2017

Company: bobsguide
It is undeniable that the world is more connected than ever. While language, culture, history, and many other factors still separate people, the tightly interwoven economies of nearly every nation on Earth has created an atmosphere of mutual cooperation and international interest that is unprecedented in the history of humankind. A huge part of... read more

Why passwords must be replaced as the core of the user authentication process

21st June 2017

Company: Crossmatch
The volume of system end points continues to multiply as digitisation overhauls financial services’ processes. Increasing volumes of data, coupled with a growing need for more users to have access to data without time or location restrictions, has forced firms to rethink their authentication services.  Increased end points and more... read more

How fintech is overhauling global payroll capabilities

20th June 2017

bobsguide sat down with Nick Pedersen, Managing Director of EQ Global, and John Pearce, Vice President, Implementation and Payments at ‎CloudPay, to discuss how the two fintechs' partnership is revolutionising global payroll What does the current state of global payroll look like? John Pearce: Global payroll is a rapidly growing... read more

Market data usage: Taking control with a strategic approach to sourcing

20th June 2017

Company: AIM Software
With ever-changing commercial models and more stringent licensing agreements, market and reference data costs and usage compliance are big focus areas for most financial institutions. However, while keeping costs down is a priority, getting data usage under control can prove a significant challenge. All capital market participants depend on... read more